New Wings Over Camarillo 2 day Off-Season in CA

Is your team interested in a new 2 day Off-Season competition in California ? GCRA, Gold Coast Robotics Alliance, has been putting on a large demonstration at the Wings Over Camarillo Airshow over the past few years. We would like to significantly grow this event into a 2 day Off Season event which will take place on Saturday/Sunday August 17 and 18 in Camarillo, CA. We will have a full regulation field playing Deep Space in a large aircraft hanger housing WW2 military aircraft. We will most likely limit the number of teams to 24 but allow multiple robots per team (limited by space for pits). The Wings Over Camarillo event is sponsoring the event and as such there will be NO ENTRY FEE for the event. This would be the first Off-Season of the year in CA and a great opportunity for new drive teams to get experience before Chezy Champs, Beach Blitz or the other later Off-Season competitions. We are trying to get an idea of how many teams would be interested in coming to this competition. Please check with your team and let us know via DM or you can email us at Looking forward to a great competition at a great event.


Do you need volunteers?


We’d love any volunteers that are available that weekend! In particular, there is an urgent need for any FTAs who could help out, as currently we have no FMS due to the lack thereof. Other than that, we could use volunteers for field reset, scorekeeping, crowd control, etc.

We anticipate each team participating could volunteer around 2 people to help out with these tasks.

Is there a website to sign up


Setting up right now and hopefully will be up in a couple of days. We got the OK to put this on a few days ago and a large group is working hard to make it a great event. I will post the web address as soon as available. In mean time let us know if you have any questions.

What FMS will you be using?

Working on that now. Will depend if we can get an FTA. If not we will run without a FMS which should not be a big deal playing Deep Space. We would love to have 973 come down and join the competition.


I’ve been trying to see if I have any FTA contact info. I can’t say that I do. But then I have to ask: Have you asked Ria to contact an FTA or two, and give them permission to relay the word around the area?

I figure that’ll scare up somebody.

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Below you will find the Wings Over Camarillo Off-Season Competition Team Registration link. Make sure you indicate if you are planning on bringing a second robot. Once we review your registration submission you will receive an email confirming you are registered.
I will post another message with the event website as soon as completed which will contain maps, instructions and the event agenda.
Hope to see you in Camarillo on August 17 &18.

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We will be there, nice to finally have something to do early on in the summer!

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Just a reminder that Teams registering for the Wings Over Camarillo can being a second robot. This is the perfect opportunity to train new drive teams. Also FYI this is not a normal air show. Wings Over Camarillo is an air show for World War II aircraft and some very rare aircraft will be in the air and on the ground both days. Registration link below.

We need volunteers for the Wings Over Camarillo Off-Season competition on August 16,17 and 18. Set up will be Friday, August 16 starting at 12 noon. Competition is Saturday and Sunday with field break down Sunday late afternoon. All positions are open and listed on the sign up form. Hope you are able to come out and have fun at the competition and air show.

The Gold Coast Robotics Alliance Website is up and running with the link below. This is where you will find the event registration link, volunteer registration link and additional information. The Agenda for the event will be posted next week.
Remember if you have any questions send us a DM or email at

Wings Over Camarillo Off-Season in Camarillo, CA is only 3 weeks away. We only have a few spaces left for teams to join us in our inaugural off-season competition. It’s looking like it will be a great competition made even more exciting by the sight and sounds of WW2 Military bombers and fighter aircraft flying overhead. If you would like to register your team or volunteer for the event please do so using the links on the event website.

Hi-- is there a waiver for the entry ticket price for FRC team members?


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No, Each team will receive wristbands for entry all weekend. There is no entry fee for team members, mentors, teachers, etc. The discounted entry code is for people coming to watch the competition.

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That’s great!


Wings Over Camarillo is happening in 10 days and we have room for 1 or 2 more teams. This is a great opportunity to attend an early 2 day competition Off-Season in CA.
Remember this event has NO REGISTRATION COST and will be played in the shadow of numerous World War 2 military aircraft. Registration can be found on the event website.

And for those interested the competition will be played on the full regulation Deep Space field with the FIRST Off-Season FMS. The competition will most likely be live streamed as well.

Hi to anyone attending!

In order to keep the robot count at or above 24, 2102 will be bringing a second robot. Some people might call it a “switch/exchange robot” but we’re thinking of it as a “low cargo” robot. We’re going to need some community help here though! We are not bringing:

  1. A drive team
  2. Enough batteries for both robots

If any teams are willing to donate a battery or two, it would be appreciated. If any teams have backup drivers that want to spend a weekend teaching a Power Up robot how to play Deep Space, post here or stop by 2102’s pit. As an experienced*, professional** drive coach, I can step into that role if needed. Should be a fun addition to the event, no?

Robot selling points!

  • Pass-through scoring
  • Almost uncontrollably fast 6-CIM drive for defense
  • Can definitely score level 1 rocket cargo
  • Might be able to score cargo ship cargo
  • It’s a horrible serviceability nightmare!

* 1 match of coaching experience in Houston 2017
** No