New World High Score- Sacramento 177 , 4 Foul Points

Quals 3: 973-2551-254


This thread will be outdated by tomorrow afternoon.


This was an early Match 3 very favorable pairing with 43 teams, lucky one might say another in Match 11 for 176 minus fouls . That is close to my calculated max score (without fouls) of ~185 no guarantee Elims will be more once teams see what happened. I think starvation starts now look at later scores. 254 lost 1 to 1678 so depends on elimination pairing and Opponent CARGO starvation strategies which teams should employ. If they want to have a chance to beat these teams. IMO

That seems unlikely if defense is more present than in that match, which is often the case in elims. Unless you’re referring to a different event…


CA play is > NE play lets see what actually happens before making predictions @Connor_McBride
They are done until tomorrow. Usually it gets more rough in Elim’s so stay tuned, having played/ seen all these teams over the years it can get messy . Also, been to three events already in CA with most of these teams scoring high. Lower in elims.

Nice showing in Sacramento, glad to see the scoring rise! As it will when the best pair up.

Okay cool. I never said that it wasn’t. I simply implied that the record will change tomorrow. Why you have the need to attack me I have no idea.


Stop it, lets move on @Connor_McBride


There is hope to break it: [Quals 77] has 973- 1678-3189 at ~11:51 AM PDT Sat.

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let’s get this horse race started


Right, CIR turned into a crazy defense mob during elims, definitely saw scores drop as 1 or even 2 robots played defense at once.

ISR #3 as well, some alliances even triple-teamed for portions of the match…


You weren’t wrong


If you deduct fouls, the match OP posted has a higher score.

Oh true, i hadn’t realized that

But I think it might be a new high score for playoff matches comparing to what’s on the TBA Insights page.

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New World Eliminations High Score- Sacramento 180 , 12 Foul Points
That was close , good job!

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