New year, new ideas!!

Well here we go guys, another new year of animation, another year of rendering, another year of ideas, and another year of pounding your head on the computer monitor in frustration because the program freezes!!! Okay, okay, I am fine now.

What do you think will be different this year with the animation competition? Or will everything remain the same??? Have you started your animation yet? Or are you going to wait for the “build” to start??

Post your comments and thoughts, and lets get this thread going again!!!

Started our Animation yet??.. rrriiigghhtt :wink:

The past few year’s competitions have been “What Does FIRST Mean to You?”… which is getting kinda old in my opinion. It’s so broad… but that’s probably why they keep using it. So, hopefully they’ll think of a new topic, but I wouldn’t count on it.

This year my team will have 4, count em’, 4 people working on Animation (minimum)… Cyber Blue may have great things coming this year. I’ll keep everyone posted :slight_smile:

hello i think i might have one or maybe two people working on the animation … counting me the other one is very experienced but he doesn’t go to our school so i’m not sure … i sure hope he comes and helps me

Rendering… that was a head ache it took 3 days mann… i couldn’t use my computer ofr 3 days :ahh: thats like not using opposable thumbs for 3 days …

Last year on 1018, we didn’t take the time to register MAX until the trial period ran out which just so happended to be at midnight the night before the animation was due. It also happened to be during my last render. That won’t happen again. As a college advisor now instead of a student, it will be a little different. The animation will hopefully be underway a lot sooner. Last year I finally got down to buisness 2 weeks before it was due. I would like to learn reactor before the season starts.