New Years plans

So now that Christmas is done and gone, what are your plans for New Years Eve? I personally like NYE more than Christmas. I’ll be spending mine in Times Square, NYC with a few close friends. I wonder what traffic will be like going into NYC on New Years Eve :stuck_out_tongue: I guess I’ll find out.

I’ll be recovering from jet lag, but my family usually has lots of presents and fun times to go around.

Food and drink are the most important thing about the New Year. Unfortunately, school starts 3 days later, so it’s bittersweet.

Multitasking by partying and doing homework at home :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t help it… Gotta rest up for the big Rose Bowl game the next day!

(commence fancy calligraphy font)

You are cordially invited to enjoy Billfred’s New Year’s Eve Radio Extravaganza, from nine PM to midnight on December 31, 2004, on WUSC-FM.

(end fancy calligraphy font)

Alright, so it’s only three hours. I was going to do six, but then I’d be on the road with a bunch of drunks at three in the morning. Not my idea of a good time.

We’ll have a small get-together at our place like we always do. About 20 of our closest friends come over and hang out and we talk and play games and pause at midnight to turn on the TV to watch the ball drop, make a toast and then go back to talking and playing games… Oh, and there’s lots of food and drinks so everyone is happy. Last year, two of the Bratlings (from 116) stopped by and one of them was completely amazed that we had so many friends outside of FIRST… Well, Bratling number 1 was very nice and well-behaved (weren’t you, Wetzel) but Bratling number 2 found my Airzooka and proceeded to blow out all of the candles I had lit (which was a lot because I love candles). This year, I’m hiding my Airzooka.

All and all, it’s not an exciting party, but I like it and so it’s a good way of bringing in the New Year.


Aww, I love NYE so much. Believe it or not, I travel even farther away from civilization than my parents live and spend the Holiday with my Dad’s family every year for twenty years now. It’s awesome a HUGE Redneck style NYE Celebration with games, music, lots of food, and beverages. We have the traditional Weed Family Game of Musical Chairs late in the night (very entertaining.) Greg will be coming in that dayish, and we’ll be loading up the pick-up and Jeeper with people for the trek across the county.

Happy New Year everyone, be safe out there! :slight_smile:

I’m having a Rockin’ Lockin with my youth group from the 30th to the 31st, and then probably just being with the family on New Years’ , then New Years Day I may go out with some friends to just have some fun. =D w00t for holidays.

I’m attending a small gathering with my fellow co-workers and boyfriend. Should be about 15 of us there. This is the first year in a while that I’m not the one throwing the new year’s party. Should be fun.

im callin kyle to wish him a happppy birthday :smiley: im also gunna hang out with sum of my friends

I have to work on New Year’s Eve, til 5. Then I’m going up to Appleton and spending the rest of the evening with Joe, or a small group of friends from high school. Maybe go to a party that Joe’s friend, Christie, is holding … we’ll see. As you can tell, I don’t plan these things too far in advance. :o

For New Years eve, I’m not sure yet… but I am guessing it will involve a party or 2 at least, and then New Years Day, I may go snowboarding with a bunch of other 237ers and 195ers and anyone else who wants to go to the CT FIRST Snowboarding/Skiing Experience.

Well first off, I’m going to go help pout with the ball drop downtown…then talk to court…and sleep the rest of the day since it will be my birthday and thats all I want to do :smiley: !

PARTY AT MY HOUSE!!! You’re welcome to join in what will surely be a fun evening of good food, good drinks, and of course good music. PM me if you live in the area (philly and suburbs) and wanna come :slight_smile: .

Well, let me guess who that could be?.. It doesn’t matter if you hide your airzooka, because as you may well know, many other people also have them. As for me, I will be at a party with a bunch of former team 116 members, possibly some current ones, and we may have to go stop by Heidi’s place for a little while :wink: .

I’m going with my friend to visit his cousin in Chicago. Supposedly we’re going to some New Years party somewhere in the city. :shrug:

We always have a party at my house, bunch of family friends come. In my case, me and my friend are just going to LAN our computers and play Natural Selection all day… yep. Then 5 minutes before new years we tape about 40 party poppers together, tie the strings together, and wait for the count-down… lots of fun.

For the past 16 New Years Eve’s ive gone to VA to be with my best Friends, this year we aren’t going down to see them…so ill be home with my family…nothing too exciting

For those of you within driving distance of Kokomo, IN. the ball drop is still on for tomorrow night…the ball was mounted today and worked perfectly. There will be a pyrotechnic show at the stroke of midnight. We might get a new air cannon built and shoot out some t-shirts…it’s also your very last chance to get Segway tickets…the drawing will be later tomorrow night! SEE YOU THERE HOPEFULLY!!!


Sipping Martinelli’s with my friends as the ball drops :slight_smile:

Heidi has issues with getting a few kids on the team to do work and suddenly everyone is a bratling, even those who graduated before they joined the team. :rolleyes:

Anyhow, I’ll be at my friends house, for most of the night at least. I think Heidi just invited an additional 20 or so people over…