New York City Corporate Challenge 2021

Last summer, NYC FIRST ran their second “Corporate Challenge” competition, where companies in New York City compete in a robotics challenge. In the first competition in 2019, teams built robots to compete in Deep Space. In the competition last year, teams were operating remotely, so building an FRC-scale robot wasn’t feasible. Instead, teams built robots to compete in a modified version of the FTC game Ultimate Goal. The rules were basically the same as the “at home” version that FTC teams played that year, with the twist that you could run autonomous for as long as you wanted, and all points counted as double during autonomous.

My company, AllianceBernstein, participated in conjunction with the FRC team that we mentor, 3419. We chose to play the entire game autonomously, and built a pretty cool robot, complete with swerve (which was very difficult given the motor limitations in FTC), computer vision, and an extremely aggressive intake. Here’s some videos of our robot in action:

-Reveal video:
-Game submission 1:
-Game submission 2:
-Game submission 3:
-Game submission 4:

We scored over 1,000 points per game and were excited to learn that we won the competition.

Finally, here’s a video overview of all of the teams’ submissions: Corporate Challenge 2021 - YouTube


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