new york invitational

hey in know there are many invitationals in the northeast, but i was wondering if there were any off season invitationals/competitions in new york. not necessarilly in upstate new york, but at all in new york. so far the closest i have found near me is the boston invitational, Beantown Blitz.


I live in Ithaca, NY (which is Central NY).

We’re going to PARC on May 10th which is 108 miles south of us. It’s very close and we’re just gonna be driving there. Perhaps that is close enough for you guys? Plus, Beantown is an invitational (I think) rather than PARC which is just pay to enter.

We may try to get a competition going here as we could possbly get Cornell University to host it (loooots of space). The problem is just organizing something so large. Who knows, maybe there’ll be one next year if we get enough people motivated to help.

A bit closer than the Beantown competition (by about an hour), would be BattleCry@WPI, hosted by Team 190 in Worcester, Mass. In it’s 4th annual running, it’s known to many teams as one of the best competitions run each year.

More information can be found at I don’t think the new website for BC4 is up yet, but it should be quite soon.