New York State FRC mentor Slack workspace

One problem a lot of people have described in NY FRC is a sense of disconnection from a good portion of the state, especially between upstate and downstate areas. With more and more teams going to further away regionals every year, I felt it would be a good idea to create a mentor Slack that aims to grow connections between teams and develop a feeling of community within the state.

Any NY FRC mentor / volunteer (past or present) can join. You can send me a private message on CD and I’ll send you the invite link, and you are free to share that link with your peers. (I just want to avoid freely posting it on the site.) Leadership (RPC members, RDs, etc) are especially encouraged to join!

(For those new to Discourse, just click my name and then click the “Message” box to send me a message.)

Thanks, and good luck this year! Excited to play with some teams I’ve never gotten to play with before.

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