New York State of Mind 2018

New York State of Mind returns for 2018 with a greater focus on quality content. 2018’s edition of NYSoM pulls from a broader group of mentors and volunteers largely from the Western New York and Tech Valley regions of New York. With more than 50 years of collective FIRST experience, and various contacts around the state, we believe that we can provide a comprehensive look at the teams and events in New York State.

If you have any insights about competitions or individual teams you’d like to let us know, feel free to PM us.

Week 1: The Central New York Regional

The inaugural Central New York Regional hosted by SUNY Polytechnic looks to be the most competitive regional in the state this year- and perhaps in all of FRC. According to average FRC ELO (as computed by Caleb Sykes here), CNY has the highest average ELO across all teams at the event of any Regional or District in FIRST this year. Additionally, CNY has four pre-qualified teams coming into it, making extra wildcards in the finals likely for teams that can fight their way through the difficult bracket.

However, most of the teams are unaccustomed to the pressures of such an early season event. Teams choosing to build a simpler robot will reap the benefits of preparation at Central New York.

Western New York

  • A closer, in-state event has given Western NY teams a lower cost option for a second event, allowing 191
    to compete at two Regional events for the first time in a decade, after bringing back a banner from their sole regional in 2017. The X-Cats excellent intake and ability to score on the scale in autonomous should be purr-fect in the elimination rounds. - Greater Rochester Robotics had an incredible 2017, either winning the event or losing to the champions at every event they attended in 2017 (including the championship and IRI). This year, 340
    has a wicked intake and fast scale auto, with a climbing solution in the works. Whether GRR will be lifting their alliances through the rankings or not, they’ll be on one of the top few alliances this weekend. - The past two seasons, 639
    has missed playoffs at their first event but then gone on to win the second. This year they sport a dual stage elevator and roller claw that, if they can get it right the first time, should sound a Code Red alarm. - In 2017, trying to shoot fuel derailed the HYPE train, as 5254
    failed to make it to the finals of either of their regional events. This year, 5254 hopes to bring it back with a simple elevator robot that is reminiscent of their breakout 2015 campaign. - 378 and 3003
    showed off simple and elegant elevator designs with scale scoring and solo climbing this past weekend atRochester Rally. - 5030 and 2053
    have more aggressive designs, with 2053 having the most aggressive design at the event, with a Stryke Force-style swerve drive and a “True Triple Climb” mechanism for TigerTronics to claw their way to a high seed.

The Tech Valley Region

  • Until 2017, it seemed that Team 20
    always found a way to blast off into the finals of some event. But in 2017, they were defeated in the semifinals at each of the three events they attended. This edition of The Rocketeers has an elevator and arm that can reach over the back of their robot to score on the scale in both directions. - In 2017, 2791
    was the mover and Shaker of the Tech Valley Regional, upsetting the #1 seeded alliance in the semis. Shaker boasts another impressively technical, aggressive design this season, but it remains to be seen whether they can keep their partners elevated and the scale tilted for this Week 1 event. - 0xBE4 fielded their best bot in 2016, with an accurate outer works shot that brought them to divisional eliminations for the first time in their career. After a lackluster showing in 2017, expect 3044
    to have learned from their mistakes with a simple elevator and climbing robot that’s sure to get picked BE4 the second round this time. - Other Tech Valley teams include 250, 1665, and 6300
    , who all had solid showings in 2017. Despite this being Northwood’s second season, this will be their sixth FRC event. They’ve been consistently improving in the off-season, bringing two robots to the Robot Rumble offseason event in both 2016 and 2017.


Out-of-state Competitors

  • In 2017, 27
    took home four silver medals, in addition to one district event win. This Hall of Fame team is a strong contender in Utica, but given their primary competition is at their Michigan events, they’re in no RUSH. - 5484
    ’s 2017 banner got this team motivated, and their Week 5 teaser and reveal video shows off a completed scale scoring machine reaching on top of a packed 2-cube-high scale. This could be a career year for 5484 if their robot lives up to expectations. - After a double win 2016 season, 319
    shot a bit too high and didn’t make it to NE Champs in 2017. However, things are looking up; they won both of their off-seasons, and their public CAD shows a simple yet elegant design that scored quite a few cubes in the switch and exchange at the Week 0 event. - Also from out of the area are two MARtians, 223 and 2016
    , as well as 4027 from Pennsylvania. - One of the biggest question marks coming into the event is 4253
    . Raid Zero is coming all the way from Taipei, with a history of impressive results. If there’s one thing that can keep 4253 from Raiding the finals again it’s that they have Zero familiarity with the teams in the area.

Out-of-State Regionals

  • 1559 and 263
    both went out-of-state for their first event in 2017, and both were selected in the first round at their respective events. DevilTech will be again attending the Miami Valley Regional, where they’ll have to bedevil their way to a high selection yet again.
  • This will be the sixth year in a row where 263 travels out of state for their first regional. This year they’re heading to the Palmetto Regional. At an event that boasts some Einstein-caliber opponents, Sachem Aftershock’s simple elevator shouldn’t be an earthshaker.

And just to round off this post and make it fully complete, let’s not forget the volunteers. FLR and TVR are both known for having some of the most skilled and knowledgeable technical volunteers. Central NY is positioned perfectly between the two, giving it the perfect amount of pull from both sides. I’ll certainly be there, and personally know nearly all of the key volunteers, and can say without a doubt that regardless of what may/may not happen (week 1 events always find ways to change the rules…), this group will certainly be able to handle it as gracefully and professionally as possible.

We are excited to have so many veteran volunteers helping out alongside our own. This will be an excellent experience for everyone to learn from some of the best volunteers in the area. I’m unsure how well other regionals run, but having been to every event New York has to offer so far, I can say the volunteers are always amazing.
Can’t wait to see how this event shapes up and good luck to everyone.

I appreciate the 2791 shoutout and some of the puns. I have mixed feelings about the reminder that CNY is absurdly competitive, but it doesn’t make me any less excited! Keep up the good work.

Interesting predictions! Can’t wait to see how Central NY plays out this week.
See you all there!

The scale autonomous that was mentioned.

Interesting predictions. Like mentioned earlier I’m curious to see how CNY plays out as a new but super competitive regional during a Week 1.

Also, I’d be interested in seeing more Long Island Analysis. Considering SBPLI is now 2 regionals, definitely interested in seeing how that plays out.

A lot of great teams I’m looking forward to see play from Long Island: 271, 1796, and 5016 just to name a few.

Looking forward to breakdowns!

Somewhere geographically between 2053 and 5030 is 145.

T-Rx from Norwich, NY.

We hope to put in a good showing at the CNY Regional!

Ah yes, the club of all NY teams that are at least an hour away from any other teams…*

I’m looking forward to Utica, and hoping it’s a good event. 2 hours away is the closest we’ve ever had an event, and we’ve considered Pittsburgh our home event since Virginia went to districts. We will be back at Pitt in week 4.

*Probably not all inclusive, I imagine Code Red is in the club also.

Here’s a map I made showing the location of all FRC teams and events in (upstate*) NY. The “1 hour from everyone” club is actually shrinking pretty rapidly as we get more growth along the I-86 corridor.

  • I plan on adding in Metro NYC and LI teams/events in the near future

We were in that boat a few years ago but 5254, HYPE is only 15 minutes away now and I hear from people on the team now it’s nice to have a good neighbor.

Interesting map Brian. Does anyone know why there are so few teams in Syracuse?

I don’t know specifically about Syracuse, but I think it’s worth looking into why team distribution in upstate NY is so scattered. Outside of NYC and Yonkers, the biggest cities in NY (in order) are Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany (this holds true for city population and metro area population). Out of those 4 areas, Rochester and Albany have relatively large team populations, while Buffalo and Syracuse have very small populations. I think the real question is “What is working in Albany and Rochester, and how can we replicate it in Buffalo and Syracuse (and other areas)?”

Sadly the team we helped set up in endicott folded so now I believe it’s foment back to over 40 miles away for our closest team. Alongside with settings up this regional we are working to try and get more cny teams.

5881 would love to be there this week, but it wasn’t in our cards this year. We’ll be eagerly watching!

Good luck to everyone!

Having teams like 1511. 3015 and 340 help to spur the growth of the area. A solid support from the local businesses and school districts help and we have one of the best volunteer bases in FIRST.

In the interest of not cluttering CD with New York threads (as much as I want to), here’s a quick update on where we stand in terms of registration.

172 teams total, up from 158 last year
20 teams added
6 teams lost





RIP 5236 <3
They were an amazing team that built awesome, simple robots every year, and it’s a shame they had to fold. :frowning:

7030 from Lake Placid has also been added this year! It’s great to see growth in New York but a sad loss of the other 6 teams, especially 5236, our alliance partner in 2 different regionals.

Thanks for the mention, 3044 can’t wait to play in Utica this weekend. Good luck to everyone! :slight_smile:

Good catch, 6868 and 7030 weren’t showing up as new for 2018 since they both attended 2017 offseason events. Should be fixed now.

Ah, makes sense. Thanks for putting everything together Brian!