New York State of Mind - 2019 Week 4.5 Preview

SBPLI Long Island #1

An early NYSoM this week as we overview the first of the two Hofstra events this season. We’ll be back with a Week 5 overview in a few days.

Long Island #1 was notable last season for having three out-of-state teams win the event, which gave most of FRC the wrong impression about the two Long Island events.

  • This event’s favorite is Team 2579, who has built their most aggressive and impressive robot yet. The reveal video shows off the flashy ability to score game pieces over the back of the elevator, but the little details are what impress us the most. The ability to place hatch panels when not quite parallel, and the work they’ve been doing on a suction-based climber is what makes them a top dog at this event.
  • The Mount Olive Robotics Team is coming from the MAR FMA District to their annual out-of-district event, this year in balmy Hempstead, NY. Team 11 has had previous success, being the first overall selection at the Bridgewater-Raritan District Event a few weeks ago. 11’s gameplay is solid, albeit slow and steady. Their lack of a level 3 climb has held them back in the rankings, but their skillset makes them a perfect partner for a team that already has the endgame covered.
  • Rebel Robotics also earned a championship ticket at FLR, courtesy of their Chairman’s Award win, but their robot was no slouch either. For a low robot, 2638 was noticeably better at playing the bottom of the rocket than they were at the cargo ship, and their 7th seeded alliance almost upset the 2nd seed.
  • The IgKnighters spent much of the Finger Lakes Event trying to get their ambitious triple climb mechanism working. An attempt in 3173’s last qualification match failed, but they did successfully hit it on the practice field during the elimination rounds. Even just their consistent level 3 climber should get them a high seed or selection at an event without many, and their upside with the most powerful endgame on the east coast should have Long Island scared.
  • The Mechanical Marauders lived up to their name at the Finger Lakes Regional, marauding their opponents en route to a Regional Win. 271’s crazy machining and ambitious design plans earn them plenty of attention every year, and with a championship ticket locked up, they can really pursue those plans in earnest. Their hard-hitting defense paired with some autonomous and endgame improvements could definitely get them picked at the championship event.
  • One of the most interesting robots from Tech Valley was the little mecanum robot from Miller Place, NY. Team 514 - Entropy did well at the Tech Valley event, being a key component of the 6th seed’s playoff run. 514’s hatch game was one of the best at the event, and they were an absolute steal for the alliance, considering their captain’s preferred game piece was cargo. They shouldn’t last as long in alliance selections this time around.
  • The CyberHawks managed to seed 7th at Tech Valley despite not having a climb to their name. 2875’s swerve drive and solid cargo play should earn them a slot in eliminations here. 358 is another bird-themed team that had a solid outing at Tech Valley. If they can work out the kinks in their mechanisms, they’ve got a good shot at this event as well.
  • The Hicksville J-Birds earned their way to the championship last year for the first time since 2006, which is surprising given the quality of robots 1468 consistently puts out. Both 1468 robots to attend champs were selected for the elimination rounds. Hicksville is the third bird team mentioned here, but definitely the one with the highest potential upside.
  • Teams 2905 and 3646 paired up on the 6th seed alliance in Istanbul back in Week 1. Integra then improved to the 4th overall pick a few days later at the Bosphorus event. Integra is the returning top seed and champion at this event, but their competition is stiffer this time around, and their robot less dominant.
  • 7239 is coming from Norway to both Long Island events. Their robot looks capable and should be a strong contender at Hofstra this weekend.

Where is the Finger Lakes West overview?

AKA Buckeye. :slightly_smiling_face:


Buckeye lucks out this year as the 2 best Finger Lakes teams are taking their show to SBLI#2.

Buckeye’s NY teams will be covered in the Week 5 post later this week. This post was just to preview the LI1 event happening right now at Hofstra.

This events favorites are looking like 11 and 3646. They’ll probably take the event. 2579 builds cool robots but their drive doesn’t back them up. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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Nice job Rebel Robotics (Great Neck) and J-birds (Hicksville) Alliance #2 (1468, 2638, 6911) on SBPLI win!!!
Great to see LI teams on top!!
The finals were exciting. Close last match.

Can’t wait For SBPLI #2!!


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