New York State of Mind - 2019 Week 4 Preview

The top seed took both upstate regionals last weekend, despite facing a close finals series going to 3 matches at both events. Congratulations to 2791, 195, and 395 for winning the Central New York Regional, and to 870, 3015, and 271 for winning the Finger Lakes Regional. Congrats also go out to 329 and 2638 for both bringing Chairman’s Awards down with them to Long Island. This week features an event in New York’s Hudson Valley at Rockland County Community College, as well as Team 2053 heading to the Greater Pittsburgh Regional.

The Hudson Valley Regional

HVR is always a mixed bag of downstate regulars, upstate attendees, and visitors from out-of-state and out-of-country. Another consistent theme of the event of it’s two years existing is the prevalence of backup robots. 2018 HVR had three backup robots called in, while 2017 had two. With an event like HVR, the robots selected for eliminations at the end of the draft often vary in reliability, and these backup teams can make or break alliance’s playoff runs.

  • The favorite at this event is the Tech Valley 1 seed and champions, Team 20. It makes sense that the Rocketeers would be well-equipped for Deep Space, and their ability to drive under defense is what really set them apart at Tech Valley. This is all despite having a literal hook for a panel mechanism. They’ll be looking to improve on the speed of their L3 climb, and their panel game for Detroit Champs.

  • The Rocketeers aren’t the only team coming into this event having played on the 1 seed. Team 303 was the first overall selection at the Mount Olive District a few weeks ago, where they were upset in the finals. They’re smart and quick when playing the cargo game, but their hatch mechanism could use some iteration. One other big hole in the TEST Team’s game is their lack of level 3 climber. They’ve been able to remedy that by getting a rocket ranking point occasionally, or by being able to get onto level 2 of the HAB, but it’s difficult to rank high without a consistent HAB ranking point.

  • The RoboTigers have yet to play in Deep Space, but they’ve been the first overall selection at both Hudson Valley Regionals thus far. They were upset in 2017, but dominated in 2018. 1796 is coming off their two most successful seasons ever, and they’re likely to continue that dominance in a game like Deep Space, where top seeds have done very well so far.

  • 1156 has won a banner every year since 2014, including three in 2018 alone. Yet of their five Regional Event wins in that time, only one came from the 1 seed, and they weren’t even the favorites in that eliminations bracket. And with a solid robot in their reveal video, one might say that the event is Under their Control.

  • The RoHawks had a disappointing 2018 compared to their usual standards, with their ambitious elevator not working out for them. 3419 responded in 2019 by building an excellent all-low robot with a level 3 climber. Another solid all-low robot is coming from the Basement Lions, Team 5806. This well-engineered machine looks to be their best outing since the robot from their 2016 debut managed to captain an alliance. A first-round selection is likely if they look as polished on the real field as they do in their reveal video.

  • The Mechanical Mustangs are coming back to HVR this season for their third pre-district champs play of four. They went out-of-district for Waterbury a few weeks ago, as well as at the FMA Bridgewater-Raritan district this past weekend. 3314 managed to seed top 15 at both events with solid game piece play and a level 3 climber. At this event it would be surprising to see them not be able to captain an alliance yet again.

  • Teams 5943 and 250 were both first round picks at Tech Valley for their defense in qualifications, and both teams are also qualified for the Detroit Championship already. 250, in particular, is a scary defensive machine that’ll make a big difference for an alliance this weekend. Additionally, working on their ability to most effectively contribute to an alliance in Detroit should be on these team’s minds.

  • The SciBorgs consistently build solid machines, and this year is no different. With another elevator and solid cargo play, 1155 is a lock for the elimination rounds at least, if not a first round selection.

  • Team 6969 has changed their name to the Cyborgs and developed a whacky looking machine with a multi-DOF arm on a turret that is one of the most impressive technical feats attending this event.

  • Other contenders are the 2018 Tesla Rookie All-Stars, Team 6911 The SO BOTZ, Team 5016 Huntington Robotics, and Team 527 Red Dragons.


Always on the lookout for these posts. Hudson Valley should be a blast to watch!

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