New York Teams ?? First Pneumatics bag

Hello everyone I was just wondering if any other teams in the NY Area has recieved the Pneumatics bag from first that was not given during kickoff. Our advisor told me we should have had it by now but im not too sure

As of this morning i couldnt find any updates on the FIRST website as to when it would be arriving.

We are in CT… ditto.

No pnemo parts, and a fairly bored pnemo team.

Also, a question that was raised and I’m pretty sure I answered correctly;

We can order 3 custom cylinders from Bimba for free?
And use as many as we want after that so long as we pay for them?

Think I got that right.


I am not sure what you can order from bimba but there is not a limit to the number of the cylinders you use, the only limits that are given are no more than 1 compressor and no more than 4 tanks.

In Chicago we have been given no word as to the status of these parts…