Newbie modeling a swerve drive. Any tips and tricks?

I’m on the CAD team and since have some spare time in quarantine I thought of designing a swerve drive for the upcoming season. I’ve been using Solidworks for about a year now and thought of tackling a complicated project of my own. I’ve been checking out other teams’ designs to get some kind of an image in my head. While checking out some designs it seemed the beveled gears might challenge me a bit since I’ve never worked with them. I’m planning to use Falcon’s as the main drivers combined with the Neo 550’s to steer. If anyone has some tips for me and could help me out, especially with the beveled gears, I would appreciate it very much.( I thought of using a 1:10 ratio for the Falcon and 1:30 for Neo 550 but I’m up for any tweaks)

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What specifically about bevel gears do you think will make them a challenge for you?

Mostly what dimensions i should set so that they mesh properly and tolerances.

The bevel gears you buy will almost always have mounting dimensions listed on the page that you buy the from.

As an example,

In each bevel gear page listed above you can scroll down to the specs sheet and it will have a box with the mounting distance. This is the distance from the center of the bevel gear to the base of the corresponding bevel gear. Using the mounting distance specs from each bevel gear you will be able to get the proper mesh.

Good luck with your design!

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