Newbie Needs Help!

This is my first year as a FIRST competitor and I would really like to know where we can buy the Lunacy Balls. ANY suggestions will be helpful. Thanks!:smiley:
Read “Get Ready” and order 3 from LogoLoc asap.

this is probably gunna be the only website with orbit balls

I’m sure you’ve heard this dozens of times already, but short of using LogoLoc to order online, it’s whatever you can scrounge up from your neighboring Walmarts. =)

If you cannot get enough from or Walmart, you can make your own.

Checkout the whitepaper and video posted by Team 228 (GUS). We’re going to have some students make a bunch for our local pre-ship scrimmage.

Call up any relatives members of your team may have that live in Florida, that is what my team did and we have been able to gather 2 dozen balls.