newbie question - how to run the debugger?

We have code for autonomous and teleop. The code works.
No problems with deploying code.
Now we want to learn how to use the debugger but I can’t find instructions.

We tried Debug As -> WPIlib java deploy (with the driver station not running)
Eclipse interface goes not responding and the cursor spins for quite some time.
Finally a message appears which says “no consoles to display at this time” and all the tabs with the code displayed have vanished

Clearly it’s not debugging anything.
what is the console it’s referring to?
Should the driver station be running before or after attempting to start the debug?

In other words, from a complete newbie perspective, how do I get my code running in the debugger?
Note: we used the Iterative Robot option when we created the program. I don’t know if that’s relevant.

There is a bug with it currently, it looks like a pull request was accepted and should be resolved in the future versions.