Newly discovered photo from the archives of WPI

While sorting through some old photos of team 190, our archivists made a startling discovery. From all the way back to 1993 from the rug rage competition, we have evidence that even then, geeks went to WPI. Can you guess who the guy in the upper right of the picture is?

Have fun and goodluck,
Tim Baird
WPI team 190



due to my inability to be covert, I might have given you a clue in my file naming scheme…

wpi is the happenin place to be, although i wouldn’t say that we’re all geeks around here nowadays…there are plenty of people that aren’t geeks here. Maybe someone should do an IQP about the geek to non-geek ratio here at WPI over the years…

I would bet a coke that the geek to non-geek ratio is closer to 4:1 than 1:1.

Speaking of WPI…
My parents felt the need to occupy my long MLK weekend with actual worthwhile things, so we drove up to WPI for an open house. ugh, its quite the long drive from delaware to mass. Anyway, a good time was had by all and it snowed during the campus tour which made everything look cool. In the course of the tour, we had a little visit to your robotics lab. hmmmm. Your 2001 bot was being nicely displayed, complete with goal and big ball.

But, after some scouting around while the tour guide was explaining last seasons competition, I found your robot design and took many pictures with a cleverly hidden camera.

Ok, I lied about that last part. But, I did get to talking to one of the WPI students on your team and we discovered we would meet at VCU and nats. He also told me that you were <jealousy> ahead of schedule </jealousy>. This really has nothing to do with the rest of this thread, except that I felt the need to talk about my little WPI visit :slight_smile:

i knew it would be impossible for you to get at our design as it the only copies are cleverly stored away deep within the secure nuclear reactor facility and at the SKULL Tomb.

Right next to the rubber ducky in the cooling tank too…So don’t even try to go in there and get them! As for skull tomb…Even I don’t go near there.


I’ve even heard that in Skull Tomb that the beloved mascot Gompei, (gniticxe, you took the tour, so you should know about the beheaded goat that had the head bronzed and since then has been the mascot of our school), is running around without its head…one of these days someone is gonna get the bronzed goat, and truck on down to skull tomb and beat it past the society that protects the place and give the head back…and then its safe to say apocolypse now!!! maybe if the team finds it and brings it down, Gompei will be ready to compete in an all out competition this year…say on a FIRST Field…can’t wait to get down to VCU!!!

I know which college I am applying to next year --WPI, of course.

WPI is a lot of fun, a lot of work, and truely one of the best schools out there…you won’t be dissapointed…there are also a number of other great engineering schools in the Northeast…I myself spent my freshman year of college at RIT in Rochester New York…also a very good engineering school-which im looking into for graduate school.