News Feature on 610 - CTV National

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CTV National News ran a feature on our school’s Robotics program last night.

This segment focuses on our Grade 12 Technological Design course, where students create/design/modify toys for Sunnyview PS, which is a nearby school that specializes in educating children with physical limitations. The course is built around year-round projects where we provide custom assistive technologies, toys and tools to staff and students at the school.

At the beginning of the school year students visit the school and compile a wishlist of ideas from staff and students

“What if we had something that could…”

They then spent the rest of the year trying to make that idea come to life through design and iteration.

The projects are inspired by local hero Dale Zimmerman (aka the Toy Doctor) who has provided valuable guidance and mentorship throughout.

Most of the students in this course are also part of Team 610.

In the background of Mr. Morrison’s interview, you can see a Robotics tournament going on, which was actually our Grade 11 Technological Design class’ final exam.

A special thanks to CTV National News, Dale Zimmerman
(the Toy Doctor), Sunnyview PS, and the Ball and Dowling families.

This is really cool. Just warms my heart. :slight_smile: