News on Portal

I’m grabbing the Robots news feed from Engadget and putting the new news items on the portal. Theres some CSS/JavaScript magic used to alternate the news & new threads …

I’ve only tested on FireBird 0.9.2 and IE6. If anybody has any other [new] browsers and wants to test it out, please do. (Safari, Opera, etc)

That is a cool feature. I tried it out in Netscape 7 and it works fine. I also tried it in Netscape 4.7 and the links didn’t work but the news was displayed below the threads so there was no functionality loss. Good job on using a script the degrades well.

I have now also tested it in Opera and Firefox and it seems to work fine. It doesn’t work in lynx but why would it? One thing that I did notice however is that the config link that shows up in IE does not show up in any of the other browsers. I looked at the source code and it was no where to be seen in the other browsers but it was in the IE code. Are you doing some server side scripting depending on which browser you are using or is this a bug?

I don’t like the config link much; especial since it disapears when you go to news. (which is expected, but still) That and I expected it to appear in the column.

[edit]If it was my decision, it wouldn’t be there at all.[/edit]

I’m not getting what you mean …

The config link will only show on the thread box, when logged in.

So it does, I guess I should have figured that out since it only makes sense.

Works fine with everything I’ve got on Firefox (remember teh name change, folks!) 0.9.2.

Today at lunch, I added the Robotics feed from to the news on the portal. If anybody else has any cool (and relevant) RSS feeds that you’d want on the portal, send me the URL via PM.


The Guy who started Engadget was one of the first Segway Owners…

Now that you have a working RSS feed parser/displayer, howabout the FIRSTwiki recent changes feed?

Why not just make it user configurable? :wink:

(slightly off topic) How about a ChiefDelphi RSS feed?