Newsletter title contest final 3...

All right, I’ve asked this a long time ago, and I am asking it again, only this time it is narrowed down to the final three choices.

And they are… in no particular order…

::drum roll::

Ken’s weekly update
-Ken reads the forums, so you don’t have to

Gracious journalism

Fresh from the forum
-gotten busy with your team now that the season has started? Don¡¦t fret, all the need-to-know info from the forums right here at your fingertips.

The - behind two of the title are just ideas for introduction for the newsletter… So don’t have to consider them when choosing which title.

Please cast your vote, because every single vote is valuable

How about: “Postcards From the Edge of the Chief Delphi Forums”

-“We send the cards so you don’t have to.”

Ok, so the intro could be better, but I still like the name.

I’m sold on Gracious Journalism: Ken reads the forum so you don’t have to

Gracious Journalism is the funniest thing I have ever read. No wait- that Dave Barry column about the guy that used a jet engine to cool his beer - that was funnier, but GJ is number two.

And you can call it GJ!!

or just Geej.