Newton Discussion - Championship 2007

Alright, now that the official divisions have been posted, let’s discuss the division where the FRC Championship competition champions will originate.

We are happy to have local friends of ours from GA in our division: 1311 (Kell High), 1746 (Forsyth Alliance) and friends from SC 1102 (M’Aiken Magic). One of the 4 Peachtree competition champions, 1369 (Middleton Magnet High School) are here. I have some personal friends also on Newton, one of the Israel competition champions 1574 (Iscar & Misgav). Of course there is also the perennial favorite 111 (Wildstang) also. :slight_smile:

340 will be playing in Newton this year. Also Representing Rochester will be 1511. 316 Looked strong at FLR as a good lifter. Wildstang is always a threat as well. Newton does not seem to be as much of a powerhouse as some of the other divisions but we shall see. I’m pumped!

It looks like its a fun division.

I’ll have the MARRS data for the teams that attended either Wisconsin or Buckeye up shortly.

Team 573 is in Newton, this is gonna be a good one!:cool:

Team 537 is happy to be in the Newton Division in 2007. For those of you who do not know us check out videos of our team. The 2nd and 3rd videos are videos of us winning the wisconsin regional, the 3rd video is the most exciting match ive seen all year.

I am very happy to be in the same division as another close team! 340 and 1511 will show FIRST what Rah-Cha-Cha can do!

148 is a very good tube scorer.

1444 has a solid robot with excellent traction and a good arm. Can go offense or defense. Did not lose a match at St. Louis.

1985 is a strong rookie team with good ramps, and they can hang a few tubes also.

102 is really looking forward to being in Newton =] We are thrilled to have some great teams in this devision. Only a week remains!!! Can’t wait to see everyone.


Just to name a few of the powerhouses that we have in our division.

We are i newton division
If we get good alliance members like Arizona or Las Vegas I guess we have a chance
I am Really exited about championship when we won Az I was Really Happy. and at las vegas I wasn’t Nervous because I knew we are going to nationals I had 10X fun more than Az.

Hey don’t forget about

I heard they were good. I’m sure they wont be sliding under the radar.

Im very excited its going to be a lot of fun. Teams from NJ Regional i noticed are us (2016-MuMuPsi) and (75-Roboraiders). Cant wait. :smiley: :smiley:

811 is in newton

and 501 is a huge power house

how do you guys know about us when i barely know about any of the other teams in Newton…

Thanks for the vote of confidence in our little hanger bot! We are looking forward to sharing the experience of the Championships with all the other Newton teams. Be it by offering scouting assistance, technical assistance, crowd support or simply hanging tubes, we will do our best to help Newton lead to Einstein! For those who want to learn a little about our robot, V squared, check out the following links from the quarter finals at Pitt, No one came near us thanks to 48 and 222**, the beauty of a good defense with a capable hanger:

** That is until DaBears, also in Newton, led a great series of matches in the finals…

all i can say is DA BEARS!!!

You guys were an awesome alliance at Buckeye, we were nervous…

Yet another team that made us nervous, one of THE defensive powerhouses of 2007… We would love to ramp them, instead we got to see their alliance squeak out the win in Pitt. See link for a pic:

wow looking forward to this division!!! ps 7 days!! :smiley: :smiley:

I posted some of our teams best matches from GLR on Youtube, check em out and tell me what you think.