Newton Division - extra Photo Pass?

The Ligerbots will be in the Newton Division once again. Last year, I filmed lots of matches (all of our own, plus some others) from a position in an upper deck (right next to the official cameraman). You can see the videos here: We do this so we have our own archive, but also because I really don’t like the official videos (which often miss action because they’re zooming into various parts of the field). Also our videos are full 1080P, the official archives are often standard def 480i.

But the place I filmed from had restricted access and they’d only let you up there if you had a photo pass. This year we’re going to have two cameras and I’ve got several students on a filming crew, so if possible, I’d like one or two more photo passes.

Photo passes are one per team. I was wondering if one or two teams that doesn’t plan to make serious use of their would be interested in loaning us your photo pass, in exchange for which we’d be happy to film your matches (on the Newton field of course)?

Btw, please subscribe to our new YouTube channel: Google now requires us to have 500 subscribers to get a custom URL (instead of UCgNgdmtDs7d58dVR-80DCGA).

According to the FIRST championship A-Z guide, media passes are non-transferable. “Media Passes: Each team will receive one (1) non-transferable Team Media Pass”. This rule would disallow teams to give/lend you their media passes for use by your team.


OK, who’d like to help provide video assistants?

By the way, just to be clear – I’m not trying to subvert the system.

The nominal purpose for the photo pass is to limit the number of number of people trying to get up close to the field to take their pictures. I used ours to go into one of the upper decks – out of everyone’s way. Usually I did this unchallenged, but once or twice the guards seemed to decide people needed a special pass to go up there…

Well, rules are rules.
Seems rather silly based on the fact that you make quite good use of said pass. If it’s really important, send FIRST a message showcasing your stuff and presenting your case. It’s unlikely you’ll have much of an outcome, because if one person gets multiple media passes, everyone will want one. However, it’s worth a shot. The FIRST people are nice. :smiley:

Nice archives! Im training our new video crew right now (I am the driver therefore I cant do video)

I have well over 500 subs on my channel but I use a custom url.

You can buy a cheap domain and just use it as a redirect to your channel. It looks really professional.