Newton Division

I think they are overlooking us (newton division).
Speak up! and post here =)

Woo Newton! I can’t wait to make the trip down to meet you all. There are so many teams that we have never played with before. Is anyone else staying at the Marriott Fairfield Inn?

Let’s just quietly go about our business and surprise 3/4 of the divisions. Go Newton Division!

Let’s hear it for 1023, Hurricane Bacon (I love our robot :stuck_out_tongue: ), and the other Michigan teams in the Newton division!

Good Luck to all :smiley:

45 is ready to go! Good luck teams!

639’s pumped.

We look forwards to seeing 340, 772, and 1511 again. Familiar faces.

GOOD LUCK NEWTON! this is gunna be a cool division!

Yes finally we are put with good teams. Good luck to everyone in Newton and lets break Arch’s winning streak.

OOOO man Newton is gonna kick some serious butt.
Cant wait.

cant wait, newton is gonna be really good this year theres a lot of good robots who ive been dyin to see in action and maybe be paired up with, good luck to all teams

Looks like 2 of last years Newton Division Champions will have a chance to defend thier title. Maybe this year we can take it a few round more. There are some very good teams in this division. Elim’s should be fun.

Everybody is saying they want to go watch Archimedes if they don’t make eliminations or are knocked out. We all have to remain true to Newton (the real greatest scientist) (except maybe Einstein) and cheer on our divisional champs at Einstein.

Newton is the real genius. And we will have some great matches.

Arch will probably be the highest scoring games but i guarantee that Newton will be a force to be reckon with.

We have some great teams in Newton and it will make for some great eliminations.

Well you guys dont have all of the big stackers like 126 and 71 but you have some awesome teams 45, 111, 1511 though there might not be as many staks of 6 or 7 tetras in Newton I bet the games wil be highscoring with rows going every where. Technical play like that is how 121 won manchester and is absolutly key this year, A newton win would not surprise me.

There are plenty of noteable team numbers in Newton, but as so often is the case, it’s the ones you don’t notice at first that pull out a win.

All that being said, 95 is pretty spiffy.

Fear the grasshopper.

-Andy A.

I can’t wait for Newton to tare apart the competition!

It’ll be a good division to watch for sure.


After talking to a student from Team 135…they’ll be ready to play…with a good robot too. Better watch out for them.

I can’t wait to see everyone in Atlanta. 364 is ready to go!

this is odd for me, first time I remember us being out of the curie division.

Team 230 and are triple stacking robot are ready to go kick some bot!!! Just wait to see some of the tricks we have up our sleeve!!!
And all I have to say now is watch out because Newton is going to own all!!! :smiley: