Newton Final 2: Reason for disqualification

I couldn’t understand what the MC said about the disqualification of the Blue Alliance in the Newton Final Match 2. Did anybody understand what he said?

I think it was for pushing outside of the designated bumper zone

Hmm… I thought that happened before and it was just a 10 point penalty. I guess there must have been some really excessive pushing to disqualify them.

I thought you had to have a yellow card before you go DQed for pushing, did they have one? Or is it bumped up to DQ in finals? Or did they get a yellow and a red card in the same match?

If that was the match 987 got flipped…then it was a DQ for intentional flipping.

It was the match when Beatty tipped. I was wondering if 1270 tipped them. I doubt they would have done it intentionally, though.

I think he said it was for rough play in tipping over 71

ham90mack is talking about Newton Final Match 2, not the Einstein Semi-Finals.

Beatty was from Archimedes, 1270 was from Curie.
The Curie alliance in the Semi’s was the red alliance, not the blue alliance.

Sorry. I misread the thread title. I was talking about the Semifinal match 2-1 on Einstein.

the Newton DQ was against 1592 for intentional tipping of 987

More specifically it was for pushing outside the bumper zone. They hit 987 with their arm.

hey man yall need to calm down on that intentional stuff, we didnt do it intentionally, we had just placed a rigner and turned and i guess we caught part of there ramps while they were going over to there side in a hurry and momentum took over

This is a bite late…
They probably didn’t mean 1592 intentionally tipped 987 in the post. However, that’s how the refs called it, as that’s how they saw it. The post was a restatement of what the refs called. It’s hard to tell in a split second what the intent of a maneuver is, however the outcome is always evident and is usually what penalties are assessed upon.

as being the one that commited the crime i’ll explain…

We were playing defense (not something we did much at all the entire season) and we on the opposite side of the rack. with 4 or more robots in the same area as well as the rack and tubes blocking my view myself and our arm opperator had a hard time seeing what we were doing and our arm inadvertantly hit a couple of the robots (i guess quallifying us for a yellow card). now when 987 decided to drive to our side of the field (they were our designated mark for defense) we couldn’t let them keep scoring like they were (they had an awesome robot). so when we chased them around the rack, they stopped or something and the next thing i know we are underneath them and i quickly backed up, but it was too late their CG was pulling them over. Thus we were DQ’d…

Luckily nothing broke on their robot.

Hope this clearifies what happened.

Basically the explanations about what happened with 1592 are all correct. They didn’t intentionally mean to do what they did, but it’s kinda hard for the refs to read the minds of the drivers. I was on the blue alliance that was DQed… boy was it awful to know that we got DQed from the finals because of a misunderstanding. But hey, stuff happens. We still had a great time, and the alliance we lost to (177, 190, and 987) was amazing, truly deserving of the win, and went on to win on Einstein. Our team (since we were the captain of the finalist alliance on our field) even got to come with them to Einstein and lend them batteries! That was a great view. We like to joke around that without our batteries, they never would have won. Or maybe it was the triple dose of maroon?

I suppose since this thread’s been revived, I should clarify:

I did not mean that 1592 intentionally tipped 987. I have the utmost respect for their team and they were great and gracious opponents.

I was under the impression that the refs had called it as intentional tipping, however since I was not on the field, this is second-hand information. It very well may have been out of bumper zone contact. My apologies for not being clearer.

You are correct- the refs did call it intentional tipping. So even though there is a complicated story about how it all came about (and how it wasn’t intentional), that answers the asker’s question: the penalty announced was for intentional tipping.

Heh, I completely forgot I even started this thread. Oh well, forgotten question answered!