Newton Teams: Need a Photographer?

I posted this in the Newton sub-thread, but wanted to ensure that everyone in Newton sees this.

After each of our events we love looking through photos taken by our photography mentors and students. We realize not every team gets this opportunity.

We have 2 photographers that are willing to take photographs of other teams. If you are interested and are in Newton, PM me and we will try to see if we can help!


Last year 1678 had a photographer on the Newton Field. Great pictures. Cant thank them enough for that, I’ve got one of them hanging on my wall. May want to find out about that.

We are planning on taking drive team photos in the queue during the first go around of matches Thursday morning. We’ll get them posted on SmugMug later.

Seems like this FIRST should get more volunteer photographers for champs to stay at the field area and just do field/match photos… One in Queuing, etc. I tried to reach out last year, but I guess they don’t do “volunteer” photographers. I bet they’d reconsider if enough teams asked them though.

In PNW we have volunteer photographers. It is great. Hope that things like that can spread to the rest of FRC.

To echo this, there are over 4,000 photos of the 2018 DCMP alone, free for use by teams. Its been a great resource to find photos of teams and robots throughout the years.

Richard reached out to us, and it looks like we’ll be able to coordinate our efforts!

Pictures are awesome, and I hope one day every team can have the same benefit teams in places like PNW do.

Newton Drive Team photos can be found here: