next 10 months

What are teams going to do for the next 10 months or so… i know are team is going to get out and brag about 2ed place and try to raise $$ for are team… but do other teams keep First going?

Raise Money
Have a Banquet
Go to IRI (I think…)
Hopefully go to the championships
Bring our grades back up

more to come… :slight_smile:

Tomasz Bania

For the next two months, the TechnoKats are going to be competing at the Boilermaker and Greater Toronto Regionals and the Championship Event.

After that, it’s probably a whole bunch of shop cleanup and the annual team party. Then some downtime for the summer, punctuated by the Indiana Robotics Invitational in July.

In the fall, we’ll be spending time working on a nifty drivebase project or two. As the new year approaches, we will get our drop ball ready, and maybe add a fancier light rope “fuse” to it.

Many grade schools and middle schools have science days, science fairs, technology days…

get your team linked up with the grade schools in your district and bring a couple of your robots to these events (running if possible). Its a great way to give younger students a look-ahead to high school - and also a great hook for FLL and the VEX program.

In Rochester, NY (back before we had a regional here) several local teams use to have expo matches at the county fair in the summer (in a domed exhibition building). This resulted in new teams being formed in the area, and engineers joining local teams.

We do that, i believe in april the middle school next to us has a math, science and technology fair. we went to it last year and have been invited again. although if we make it down to atlanta, we’ll have no robot :slight_smile:

Apply for a MIT Inventeam grant. Keep the engineering base of your FIRST team together and the business folks busy. We were one of the first FIRST teams to do so and it has helped our program tremendously.

Follow the link…

222 is hosting PARC… Then we will be doing tons of fundraising, shop safety, & new driver training at the minis.

This is a little early with another 4 weeks of competition and the championship still to come.

You have to realize though, for some people the season is already over!

(people who attend one event during the season, the first week)

We’ll be…

Doing presentations to the afterschool programs at local schools.

Trying to arrange the grade-specific presentations to local elementary schools we wanted to do last year but didn’t get permission for until too late in the school year.

Hopefully going to Capital Clash again, and maybe another off-season event as well.

Hosting our local engineering competition again, the Garrett County Engineering Challenge.

Getting next year’s new members on board EARLY so they don’t feel completely lost when the build season starts…maybe get them prepped one week over the summer on this year’s bot, and then take them to the off-season stuff.

In a perfect world…Going to Championship. :cool:

God- the competition season is just started and already they are wrapping it up for the next ten months!

But if you are - why not use the robot again and visit the series of off seasons all over the country.

In NJ we say the Nationals are just the kickoff for the REAL fun to start


We do a bunch of mini-comps, demonstrations, fund raisers and stuff like that.

We’re also going to do classes like using the machines. There’s going to be a design period for a standardized chassis and electrical box. Next fall one of the teachers in the school is holding classes for us after school to teach us how to weld.

CAD training, and more stuff like that.

We’ll hope fully raise more than $6000, and go to a couple off-season events, recruit new team members, improve the robot, and hopefully do some community relations events for the chairman’s award.

Compete at Peachtree (and hopefully Championship :smiley: )
Goto IRI, Summer Frenzy, Capital Clash, other offseasons?
Host an offseason? (maybe Vex, who knows)
Hold our annual team yardsale
raise funds
summer project (finish “spED”? who knows)
Have a team party
Improve/de-bug ED v 7.0
and alot of other stuff too

For the next 7 weeks, I’ll be raising money. When those stressful seven weeks go by, we’ll be in Georgia for the Championship Event! w00t!

Then we’ll go to at least BattleCry, although I’ve always wanted to go to IRI (Andy, Bill, and the rest of you think you’re capable of moving Indiana closer to Maine for a few days in July?), and maybe slightly more reasonable I also want to go to Mayhem in Merrimack. Beantown Blitz is probably pushing it for distance, but we share somewhat the same name :ahh:.

Then in November or December there will be the Maine FLL tournament, which we attend to demo, along with various school demos.

Intermidst is raising money, building prototypes, looking at pictures from past years, website stuff, scouting stuff, etc.

Too true. Sob. Sniff. :frowning: For us, it’s already “next year.”

You said it…off-season events are where the game is won or lost

Last year we only had the opportunity to attend 2…but we are hoping to go to more this year

Well, my team will actually be getting organized. This years management was a complete fiasco, we didn’t even know which hotel rooms were reserved! I may edit some of my footage from FLR to make a recruiting video. We may search for sponsors too, along with training for the new programmers and stuff like that. We plan on getting the autonomous for this years bot running too.

I know I said this before, but thanks to everyone at FLR, you guys did an awesome job!

Team 538
going to Peachtree
clean our SHOP :ahh:
Fund raisers
maybe play some paintball

Build a carboard boat!!!