Next FF Competition

Even though we don’t have the results back from BtB, what is the next competition that we should cover, Canada Wonderland or Battlecry? Whichever one we decide on we should go ahead and start making divisions and getting the drafting started.

I would tend to try and do both, but if you want to keep it limited to only one of these, then my vote is for The Canadian Wonderland event.

My reasoning, although Battlecry should be a great event (now a 1.5 days long event no less), most teams at Battlecry have already competed at PARC or BTB, and thus have come to be known more or less by the Fantasy FIRST participants.

I want to see some results and scores from Canada. After all, we Northeast based mini-comp teams shouldn’t have all the Fantasy FIRST fun, now should we? :wink:

That’s just my suggestion though. Although, I would love to see both covered by the Fantasy FIRST crew.

Alright, I am pretty much sure that we were going to do battlecry, it was just an option of whether to do the Canadian Wonderland, and I agree with your reasoning, lets get a few different teams in here.

With the number of offseason events going on the year, does anyone else think we can have an overall FF offseason champion? Many people want to compete in FF for every event there is so, maybe we can come up with a ranking system based on how many events that participated in and how well they did.

That might be doable, we should definitely look into it.