next season's animation contest?

Does anybody know if the animation contest’s prompts change each season and if so, when do they post the prompts for each season?

They do change every year, but typically retain some common theme. For instance, last year’s prompt involved helping an alien species called Iikos who had a natural disaster, while this year’s involved the Iiko’s coming to help Earth’s education system.

The new prompt usually comes out about a week after kickoff.

Yes, the challenge changes each year. It used to be very vague and open but now they’ve been adding more backstory. Two years ago it was Change Your World and the year before that was to build something that was based on nature. I’m not sure which I like better. The vague ones left it more to the imagination but the backstory can help new teams to get a feel for what to do.

Personally, I liked the more open-ended prompts better, but I think I can warm up to these Iikos… I’m guessing they’re coming back next year?