Next year's game?

How about adding rock-climbing to the challenge?

Maybe higher points for negotiating an overhang?

What I would really love to see is having the teams try to solve a problem that is real scientists are trying to solve right now. Wouldn’t it be cool if a team came up with a robot design that could solve one of the world’s worst problems? Talk about FIRST publicity!

i don’t think rock-climbing would work, but stair-climbing would be cool. when i heard the rumors about stairs last year I expected a big starcase, not those tiny little steps that most teams didn’t even use anyway. i think that including full-size stairs in a game would be good. it worked with 6-inch ledges for 04, now all we need is a series of them in a row.

Try some of these threads. There’s been lots of discussion on the 2005 game already - Official Game Design Thread - Game Elements and Subtasks - Radical Tournament Ideas - Autonomy Discussion

thay should do something like water, u no like subs.

I Liked the idea of this years game with the many possibles instead of one or two. You had all different types of robots this year from hoppers to hangers. The 2x had a nice spin on things this year. That ball was a major thing this year. If not then hanging is the only way to go or mass number of balls.
but team this year with the robots mixed and matched with different element to win the game. like a hopper hanger such as 33. or hopper that can control the 2x ball like 303, or 469. can not forget the 2x and hanger like the beast 71. That why this years game should be like next years. I am not saying the same thing but have the different elements and not just two things. Also with the human play that was great to. I liked that idea bring that idea in a different way. Not just a shooter but have different idea. well next years game will hopefully make my head hurt this years did.

i think rock climbing is a little too difficult for right now…but it is a neat idea :smiley:

I like a stairs idea except all the robots start on a 8’x8’ platform in the middle that have ten stairs leading up to it. It will have three ways to score including a medium task on the floor and the difficult task of carrying a non-uniform or awkward object up to the top of the stairs.

Wait. Quick rethought. Think 2003 except half stairs(at least five) half ramp (and no way else to get on the other side kind of). Higher scoring objects on stairs side but half to bring them up the stairs to score. Everyone starts in the middle. In the autonomous there are to “buttons” on the stair side. If these buttons are activated in autonoumous mode they will open a pathway on either side of the stairs ramp.

I have a crazy Idea for next year’s game. It involves totes, small balls, big balls, movable goals, a double-decker stationary goal, and a platform and a tall (12’) bar, with approach bars leading up to the platform. It also has a home zone, like 2002. the only things that score points are small balls in goals or being in the home zone. Timing and the totes, big balls, goals, hanging, and platforming are multipliers. HUGE multipliers. For example, if you place balls in the tote, that is a 3x. movable goal is a 3x lower stationary goal is 4.5x upper removable goal is a 6x. big ball is 3x. small ball is 2 pts, and being in the home zone is 8 pts. ex. if you have 5 balls in a tote capped by a big ball, which is then placed in the upper stationary goal is 10 pts x 3 x 3 x 6 = 540 pts. Hanging is a 7x multiplier, touching the platform is a 2x multiplier, and hanging while touching the platform (with an appendage that won’t affect the hanging) is 10x. if you hang, touch the platform, and touch your starting zone, that is 16x. there are four robots per field, 2 per side, like this year. I’ll post a picture when I can find it.

You’re making my head spin!

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come on, try and keep these boards more intelligent than that. i watch some stupid online things too, but a thread about next year’s game is not the place to post about it.

They need to make a more important autonomouse mode. Like instead of just releasing balls early, have some points that can be scored in autonomouse and ONLY in autonomouse.

and maybe i should learn to spell autonymous

Somone has already posted this but people are still posting on this thread. If you want your ideas to be heard you have to post them here: - Official Game Design Thread - Game Elements and Subtasks - Radical Tournament Ideas - Autonomy Discussion

Isn’t the game already designed and they are desiging 06 now?
I reckon something that doesn’t involve lifting things (Last 2 years have been - Crates. (03) Balls (04), Wont in volve dragging things (this year was dragging goals around sort of, and 02 was dragging the goal with balls round iirc,) it will involve something that can be done either speedily or accurately, (ie fast or manouverable , they tend not to go together.). I dont think it will involve water, as the electronics inside, and so you spend £5000 ounds on the sdtuff then it sinks in testing and you lose it all.

I doubt that next years game has been designed yet. They did not finish this years game until … With all the rule changes I think that they never finished this years game. With the field design etc not complete til jus before kickoff it shows that it takes time to design and modify fo the game.

the rules aren’t THAT complicated, at least not to the point that it wouldn’t become second nature after a little while, but the amount of equipment needed would really make post-seasons a hassle (considering i help out with brunswick eruption every year, i don’t want that :ahh: )

Let the speculation begin, I suppose…Waiting is half the fun, after all. :wink:

Did someone say Inflatable Clowns? :smiley: :rolleyes: