Next years KoP 2012 proof?

Does anyone know if the kit of parts next year comes with a “Mr.Fusion” powered quantum accelerator with a “Flux Capacitor” and a pure steel chassis to maybe go back into the beigning of the FIRST era:confused:


I believe that flux capacitors are a first choice item

I’ve read a report claiming that in late 2012, or possibly not until 2013 or 2014, the sun could reach an all time high level of activity (in recorded/observed) history and that we could be in for some significant geomagnetic storms. Combined with the recent launch of a NASA space weather observatory and a motion by Congress to fund and require efforts to shield electric power transmission lines, I’m inclined to believe it’s something of valid concern.

I’m not sure to what extent small electronics would be affected, but from what I’ve read, a bad enough geomagnetic storm could leave some regions without electrical service for years!

They just came out with the new cRIO today. If that answers any of your questions.

I am shocked that nobody has picked up on this reference.

Does it have something to do with the “beigning”? That’s like a french donut, right?