Next Year's Robot?

Courtesy of one of my team members,
How does this look for a 2007 robot?
And what exactly would the game be for this robot?

are all those parts FIRST legal? and weight…well atleast there’s room for copious speed-holes…

you could fit a lot of clowns in that thing…



I don’t know, I didn’t see any shields on those pinch points… It might not pass inspection.

And I don’t think it uses an exide 12 volt battery either. :rolleyes:

The animator for that must have spent way too many sleepless nights on the modeling. Seriously though, that is an awesome little movie.

I couldn’t get the exact scale of that, but as long as all the parts remain within the 60" X 60" X 60" region, it should be okay. But it needs a team number visible from 4 sides.

By the way, was that auto-nomous mode?

ummm it just might exceed the 120lb weight limit and not pass inspection but if u got those rules suspended im pretty sure you could win a disco competition

I assume you mean inflatable clowns? :rolleyes:

Well First DDR would be interesting!!! :wink:

You and your clowns…
Where would they go when he transforms though?
Not much room left for them!

It’s got an Innovation FIRST motherboard on it. Of course it’s legal!