I was wondering if anyone went to Wired’s Nextfest in San Francisco. I went today I thought it was really cool even though there was so many people in such a small place. My personal favorites were the all the cars, of course ASIMO, the laser powered plane, and the Hyper-X (I asked the guy how they kept the flame lit at mach 7 and he said it was top secret, :smiley: ) Anyway, what was ur guys opinion?

I did not go, how ever I did get to read a few blogs that discussed it.

Very interesting stuff. My favorite so far is the Long EZ-rocket plane. It’s a small kit plane that got two 400 lb thrust rocket engines and a strap on fuel tank in place of its normal engine. Sweet website here .

To bad it will never be sold commericaly. Talk about a fun weekender! Pop up to 10k feet in 2 minutes and then just glide your way back home.

-Andy A.