nfl draft

wow…no one has talked about the draft yet.
what did you think of it?
what team do you think drafted well and what ones didnt?

My winner of the draft was the Cleveland Browns. They filled a glaring hole with Joe T and then had the balls to move up to 22nd and grab Brady Quinn. Sure, it cost them the 1st rounder next year, but thats the price to pay for a franchise QB.

Side note: If it wasn’t for the SATs and related prep, I wouldve been up in the balcony with the rest of gang green. J-E-T-S baby!

I believe the Titans got the better hand in this year’s draft. The losers? Whoever it was that picked Troy Smith in the 5th round.

How about the National Champion QB, Chris Leak, not even getting drafted?

We were extremely busy at K & K on Saturday, but everyone was still standing around watching the draft on the tv upfront. Owner was gone… hehe.

EDIT: I don’t believe Brady Quinn will be a franchise QB, or that Jamarcus Russell was worth the #1 pick. I think I see another Ryan Leaf…

Yes!!! We (Colts) got Anthony Gonzolez from Ohio State, he was our #1 draft pick. He is a pretty big addition to our team becuase he is supposed to replace Brandon Stokley but we also got more important people like Tony Ugoh, a tackle from Arkansas University. But I think that our most important pick was Daymeion Hughes from Cali. he may have been our 3rd pick but he replaces Nick Harper one of the most important offense players that we had mainly becuase he keep Peyton Manning safe most of the time.

Chris Leak didnt employ an agent so he can play college ball next year.

I think that the browns made out this year. they get an A+++ haha.
I think that the losers of the draft were the Miami Dolphins. Ted Ginn in the 9th pick?? come on…you could have got him second or even third sround. then they got a quarterback that will nto start for two years, by then he will be 28 years old. back pics.

I agree… the Dolphins did dump, but the Browns still won’t do anything with good picks…

Chris Leak can’t play college ball next year. He was a true senior this year and didn’t redshirt.

If he wanted to play in college next year, why did he use up all of his eligibility and why did he sign with the Bears?

Got randy moss–Tom brady is gonna put up records.
Plus the “best” safety in the draft?

i didnt know he signed with the bears haha.

They’d better…if Crennel and Savage want to keep their jobs. We here in Northeast Ohio have run out of patience.

I hope the New England buddy-buddy connection Charlie Weis didn’t overhype Quinn’s abilities. We shall see.

At least the Browns FINALLY addressed the offensive line via free agency and the draft this year. Everything else bad that happens on this team all starts with the line. Let’s just hope their knees don’t blow out inconveniently like LeCharles Bentley’s did…

your starting to sound like a lions fan

Brilliant Dolphins!

Ginn unsure he’ll be ready for Dolphins’ training camp

In my entirely biased opinion, the Niners had the best draft/offseason.

I don’t think Cleveland had a very good draft… I’m not at all convinced Quinn is even going to be a solid NFL player, letalone a franchise QB. The difference between him, Edwards, Beck, and Stanton isn’t all that much, IMO. Had any of those 3 played at ND under Weis, I’d bet they would perform equally well, or better.

They basically gave up a top 10 pick next year to get him… so he better be real good to make it worth it.

My opinion is that the Miami Dolphins made a horrible choice by picking a former Ohio State player. (Yes, this may just be because I am a huge University of Michigan fan when dealing with college football…but still.) :wink: lol

Seriously? I am a Titans fan, and $@#$@#$@#$@#, they did not have a good draft, at all. Griffin is overrated. Henry has never done anything good. It was a huge disappointment if you ask me.

I know the guy who they drafted in the 7th round: Mike Otto. My wife and his aunt are good friends. He grew up on a farm near Kokomo. In high school, he known more for his basketball skills. At Purdue, he set a school record for starting 50 games in a row, starting from his freshman year. He is a smart farmboy.

As a Colts fan, I fear the Titans. They have what seems to be one of the best young teams in the league, along with the 49ers.

Watch Otto. He is a good ol’ boy who is agile, strong, and dependable. I hope to see him starting at offensive guard by November.

Andy B.

That is it, I am convinced that the Lions are beginning to tank for next season. I think picking Calvin Johnson was a great move, but trading down and getting Drew Stanton was not a better pick than getting Paul Posluszny, David Harris, Justin Durant, any available corner back, offensive linemen or LaMarr Woodley. I am convinced that Drew Stanton will never get a chance to play, because next year we will draft Brian Brohm or John David Booty, oh wait it is the Lions we will draft a wide receiver. We are blessed to have great hockey, basketball, and baseball teams so that is where the Lions get lucky. They aren’t constantly scrutinized for their dumb moves. Sorry for sounding so upset and angry, but with the Lions, each year is an exercise in futility.

Edit: I can’t write, I’m only in AP English. In my anger I forgot to include the word not. I am a complete idiot. That makes the rest of my rant make more sense.

Excellent pick for the Bills since they got rid of a few LB’s in the off season. He is a top notch all around LB.

and for my team: GB

Green Bay
Rd	Sel#	Player	Pos.	Ht.	Wt.	School
1	16	Harrell, Justin	DT	6-4	305	Tennessee
2	63	Jackson, Brandon	RB	5-10	210	Nebraska
3	78	Jones, James	WR	6-1	207	San Jose State
3	89	Rouse, Aaron	SS	6-4	225	Virginia Tech
4	119	Barbre, Allen	OT	6-4	300	Missouri Southern State
5	157	Clowney, David	WR	6-0	184	Virginia Tech
6	191	Hall, Korey	ILB	6-0	236	Boise State
6	192	Bishop, Desmond	ILB	6-2	239	California
6	193	Crosby, Mason	K	6-1	214	Colorado
7	228	Wynn, DeShawn	RB	5-10	238	Florida
7	243	Harris, Clark	TE	6-5	261	Rutgers

Notice how they had 3 consecutive picks in the 6th round, that is pretty sweet. As always the Packers went to bulk up the DL first pick and then a RB in round 2 fill the void of Green gone. And hopefully this TE in the 7th round can catch better then Bubba Franks…

My Bills had a nice draft getting Lynch and Posluszny but they still fell firther behind the Patriots who got even better and are now the Superbowl favorite.
We’re gonna get nuked by them twice.
This stinks.

Stanton will be the qb of the future for the lions. i think that we did good by picking him. he has a great bridge qb in kitna to help him get ready for the nfl. as much as i love him, they could have picked poslusznky then him. thats the only bad thing i think they did. but hey, we can always get some guys next draft. they are finaly rebuilding the team, thats a good sign.