NFL Lockout

Today, the NFL has decided to lock out players. This is after over 2 weeks of negotiations. Today at 4:00pm EST, the NFLPA (player’s union) filed for decertification, meaning that they no longer have the power to collectively bargain on behalf of the players. Several players have already filed anti-trust lawsuits, including Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning. The result of this lock out could be no 2011 NFL season.

Just wanted to point that out. If anyone is interested, please comment!

I understand the players not wanting an extra two games (though having two less pre season games and getting two extra actual games is more than all right with me) but I think the owners should expand the rosters to 60 and short the IR stature to only 6 games.
There needs to be a rookie scale. A Demarcus Russel should never be paid more than a Peyton Manning, Ever. Earn that pay after a few seasons. Not beforehand.
The revenue share argument is annoying and dumb. There’s 9 billion dollars to be had, There’s more than enough for everyone. Don’t kill the golden goose with selfishness.

I’m hoping for a lockout. Both the NFL and NFLPA need a reality check.

I totally agree. This is like watching two bratty kids fight over a toy, while both have rooms filled with anything they want.

Andy B.

Sean and Andy, I strongly disagree with you.

It was not tikll yesterday did I realize how many people are going to get royally screwed by this. Think of all the vendors at games, security members, video teams, personal trainers, team doctors, apparel makers, etc. that are going to be potentially losing a ton of money. A lot of these people aren’t well off enough to sustain themselves for a while.

You make an excellent case for how one’s actions impact others.


I am actually an employee at Lincoln Financial Field, home of the Philadelphia Eagles. I worked as a vendor and if there is no 2011 NFL season, I’m out of a job for 6 months.

If they went with a reasonable rookie wage scale, such as the #1 pick can’t make more than $10 million a year and can only have a $5 million guaranteed or something of that nature, because people who have never played a down in the NFL shouldn’t make more money than someone who has 3 super bowl rings, the 9 billion should be easy to split up.

Also 18 games is crazy for several reasons including player safety. If they go to 18 games teams should be forced to lower their ticket prices so fans can actually afford to go to games. There is a reason more and more people are choosing to watch the games at home instead of at he stadium and its not just because you get a better view of the actual game, it because people can’t afford $200 for a single ticket to sit 50 rows up in the corner with their view partially blocked.

Short term, yes. Long term, maybe not. A lock-out, and more importantly the anti-trust legislation being presented against the NFL, could have a serious impact on how the NFL does business with all of these other entities, which may end up benefiting the workers in these industries in the long run. Especially apparel makers/vendors.

Yeah when I was on 1002, we sold papa johns at the Georgia dome for falcon games to raise money. If Mike Vick was ever injured, our fundraising took a huge hit. No NFL at all during those times would have left us screwed.

18 games is absurd. Additionally, I understand the smarts that the owners have in not banking on this cash cow lasting forever, but they should at least concede a new cba for a short period of time bc without players, you have absolutely nothing. The pay scale for rookies I agree with for the most part. However, if Chris Johnson was still under his old rookie contract, he would have “only” made 500k last year (roughly 10-15 times less than what he is worth).
I believe that after a year or 2, rookies should have a clause so that they may be able to restructure their contract. The idea that the NFL was thinking about removing health care for players after a few years removed from the league was ludicrous. Everybody knows that plenty of ex players are suffering from mood disorders and neuro degenerative diseases from repeated blows to the brain. The NFL, if they truly cared would scrap the notion of 18games, continue their investments in brain research, and start putting cash into research on how to make equipment safer for the players.

Personally, I don’t like either one right now. Why?

NFL: “They were planning to decertify the whole time.”
NFLPA: “They were planning to lock us out the whole time.”

You really can’t do much if you’re accusing the other side of not being cooperative the whole time. That’s where the “bratty kid”-type comments come in.