NFL Playoffs

So they are set, my Packers are in thanks to the all time choke job by our good friends the Vikings and here is how it is going to be this weekend:

Wild Card Weekend-

Seahawks vs. Packers - GB
Dallas vs. Carolina - Dallas
Tennessee vs. Baltimore - Titans
Denver vs. indy - Denver

Watch out for those rolling Green Bay Packers, someone is watching out for them.

Lions > NFL

We don’t loose - we just let the other team win!

GB wins
Carolina Wins
Baltimore Wins
and Indy Wins…

Lets see if my NFL skills are as mad as my NHL skills! :smiley:

My picks are Seattle, Carolina, Baltimore, Denver.

Green Bay over Seattle
Dallas over Carolina
Tennessee over Balitmore
Indianapolis over Denver

Carolina/Dallas and Indianapolis/Denver are games I’m not very sure about.
I’m picking Dallas because of Bill Parcels and Indianapolis because of Peyton Manning.

WOOOOOOOOO!! Go Pack Go!! :smiley:


Out of 8 Teams:
1 The Role Models 84-45-39 .616 207 Points
8 Matt Attallah Rocks 51-83-34 .405 136 Points

some skills :wink:

Seattle over GB
Dallas over Carolina
Titans over Baltimore
Colts over Broncos

Hey - that is totaly different. I am not able to be on every night thanks to my overnight job - and any free time that I do get - i spend it sleeping!!

BTW - I believe that I only lost ONE round in the NHL prediction for the playoffs - and that was for the Stanley Cup (I believe that that is the only thing that you got right)…:):stuck_out_tongue:

Go Packers! Thats all I care about.

-Greg The Great

Uh huh!!! GO PACK GO!!! :smiley:

Ok 3 and a half games done, one half to go

GB over Seattle
Carolina over Dallas
Titans over Baltimore
Indianapolis up 31-3 at halftime over Denver…

Alright new playoff predictions now:

New England over Tennessee (although I want the Titans to win)
Indianapolis over Kansas City

St. Louis over Carolina
Green Bay over Philadelphia

New England has gotten some good breaks, but their gig is up.

Titans over Pats
Colts over Chiefs

Rams over Panthers
Eagles over Packers

Here we go, so im 2-2, we’ll deal with it

Pats over Titans
Colts over Chefs

GB barely over Philly
STL over Carolina

1-3 this week!? Time to catch up.

I’m goin with the Pats, Colts, Packers, and Panthers

Go Pack!
I don’t like Al Harris but I’m glad the pack picked him up now! Philly is goin’ down!

I know I am replying to my own post but this is just a formal announcement stating that on Sunday, January 4, 2004…


Sunday, January 4, 2004

The Final Score: Green Bay 33 Seattle 27 In Overtime!

That means they are off to Philadelphia for the Divisional Playoffs…

It will be on FOX at 4:45 PM (EST) on Sunday, January 11th, 2004

Go Packers!!!

-Greg The Great

Pats over Titans
Colts over Chiefs
Rams over Panthers
Packers over Eagles

It doesnt matter though, becasue the Pats are going to win it all.

So as of right now - i’m 3-1. Not a bad start. But now - what you readers really want to see - my predictions!

Panthers Vs. Rams - This one should be good. If the Panthers play like they did aginst the Cowboys - I don’t really see a problem. The panthers had no penalities or turnovers - wow. If the Rams play like they did aginst the Lions - this is going to be a good upset special…

Upset Special of the Week - Panthers 30 Rams 24

Titans vs. New England - New England all the way. Titans are banged up. New England have won 12 straight. Titans have nothing on defence to stop the pass game that New England has. Plus - the Titans front line for defence will not be able to move the front line offence of New England.

New England 31 - Titans 21

Colts vs Cheifs - Manning is on a good streak - but he will be stopped by the cheif’s front line. They won’t get too many sacks - but they will make him run and make some hurried passes - causing some nice turnovers. Cheifs will win this one easliy.

Colts 10 - Cheifs 34

Green Bay vs. Eagles - The Eagles will not be able to stop the run that Green Bay has to offer. Plus with Farve being able to throw - the eagles won’t know which one to stop. Green Bay should win this one with little sweat.

Green Bay 24 - Eagles 14

Panthers over Rams
Pats over Titans
Colts over Chiefs

3 down, 1 to go…I still say Eagles over Packers

Are you people kidding me? We beat you without the best free safety in the NFL and two starting cornerbacks… and now we’re without one starting cornerback, one starting linebacker, and out most dynamic running back- but hey, don’t worry, we’ll get Favre plenty of times…

That being said, I can assure you all a Eagles victory… our robotics meeting today was full of eagles jerseys, sweatshirts, etc

should be a good game