NH TechFest 2009 - featuring Trebuchets!

It’s not Lunacy, but perhaps the next best thing…

On Saturday November 14th, 2009, Team 241 invites everyone to the 1st Annual New Hampshire TechFest! http://nhtechfest.org

NH TechFest '09 will be an all-day extravaganza of enlightening science and technology demonstrations, hands-on activities, and overall cool experiences. We are inviting all middle and high school students and their parents to join us in a day of discovery and learning in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Along with multiple interactive mini-workshops, there will be displays and demonstrations of the latest developments in science and technology including robotics, industrial machines, safety devices, and research equipment. Many scientific and technical organizations will also be on hand to educate students and parents about educational and career opportunities.

**The main event will be an apple-tossing Trebuchet contest, featuring teams of middle and high school students from throughout New England. **Rules and registration available now at http://nhtechfest.org/activities/activities_trebuchet.html

This does sound like fun!

Trying to Help

Invite everyone you know!

hmmmmm… looks interesting…

I’m definitely interested coming.

Oh come on!! How come this is happening THIS year, AFTER I’m off in college?? Jealous!

haha I’ll be sure to let my team, Team 811 know about this one!

Not only should you let your team know, but let everyone you know know!

NH Area teams, There’s just over a month left to register your trebuchet team!


Here’s a list of some of the 30-40 Exhibits and Hands-On Activities

* Trebuchet Contest
* DNA Extraction Activity
* Health Sciences Hands-on with Electronic Mannequin
* Astronomy - View sunspots through special telescopes
* Networked Computer Gaming
* Paper Tower Engineering Challenge
* Egg Drop Contest - protect your egg as it falls 20 feet!
* Water Guardians Groundwater Pollution Model
* Wind Chill Experiments
* Medical Ultrasound Hands-on
* Animation Programming with ALICE
* LAN Computer Gaming Exhibit
* And much, much more!...

We really don’t mean to keep gratuitously bumping this post, but we thought you should know that the pot has been considerably “sweetened”:

**Tire Warehouse is generously donating over $1800 worth of Craftsman tools as prizes! ** The top three teams will each receive a complete set of Craftsman mechanics tools and a tool chest to keep them in!

So if you were on the fence before - hop on down and sign right up!

Prize details here:

Game details and registration here:

Just little over a month for all you NH, Northern MA, and Southern ME teams to sign up for the NHTechFest Apple Tossing Trebuchet Contest!

Lured by the prospects of toolboxes, we’ve signed up! Have you seen the trebuchet in one of our towns? http://www.yankeesiege.com/ That’s one way to get rid of those misshapen pumpkins! :slight_smile:

Trying to Help

Only 3 weeks left to sign up your Trebuchets!