NI 9403 DSUB

Anyone know if this NI 9403 DSUB can be repaired or exchanged? Too expensive to purchase a new one.

That can be quite difficult to repair if you are inexperienced and do not have the proper tools.
Find a mentor with surface mount experience to advise and help (check with local electronics shops).
It is possible though with surface mount experience and the proper tools. While requiring fine detailed work with a very steady hand and low temp soldering/desoldering tools.

It’d be a good training experience, but you might want to practice first on some random scrape electronics.

In the picture (not a 9403, but similar) you can see the rows of pins that have to first be desoldered along with the large pins at either end that serve as the mechanical support for the port.

Could you possibly find a spare from another local team?
They don’t get used next season, so there may be unused ones about.

As Mark wrote, the answer is Yes, but this is not trivial. You must have a good desoldering iron (not the Radio Shack kind) and experience; or at least someone with all that. Even under perfect conditions, there is a reasonable chance of damaging the board.

You might ask or call around to a local business that deals with board-level repairs; they might do it for free.

EDIT: A quick Google search indicates a few TV repair shops; they might take it on. Emphasize the ‘school’ aspect, or just pay them the $25 they might get.