NI Dashboard only partially working?

We see the video from the camera and ENABLED/DISABLED status.

But none of the other status displays are updating data. Teleop is working fine–we can move motors and such but not see any changes in the Dashboard. We looked into the wiring diagram and probing around has found that it is not getting new data packets.

Anyone seen this or fixed it? Has there been a new cRio or Dashboard update recently we missed?

you have your computer set to IP 10.xx.yy.6 ???

Well, update #2 has been posted.

The #2 update readme file stated this:

The following issues exist in the LabVIEW portion of the FIRST Robotics Competition software when you upgrade from the Update 1 or earlier release.

  • FRC dashboard projects you created in previous versions of the FIRST Robotics Competition software are no longer compatible with the dashboard data the FRC robot sends to the host computer. You must create a new FRC dashboard project by clicking the FRC Dashboard Project link in the Getting Started window.

you might have a different problem, but the quoted material might mess up some of the teams if they don’t know about it.

Thanks for your help. We seem to have fixed the problem by deploying a new FRC project to the cRIO.

The default image (from Update 2.0) in the cRIO seemed to be incompatible with the Dashboard project.

Make sure after installing the update you also install the new image onto your cRIO using the cRIO Imaging Tool.