NI LABVIEW Compressors

hi, can anyone give me some code on how to run the compressor on the 2010 control system. i have the code that i will upload in a little bit. we REALLY need this for our robot to fucntion.


Please search before you post in the future. This is a common topic with many threads addressing your question. A search for “Labview Compressor” brought up many of them.

hi, i am uploading the screenshots for my code…in the word doc. are the pic.s

can anyone tell me if this code is correct for these needs:

1 compressor, 1 single-acting solenoid (activates when button is pressed), tank drive.

if i need to change anything, please let me know.


code.doc (373 KB)

code.doc (373 KB)

From what I can tell your code looks like it should work for that setup.

Note that the solenoid will only remain “activated” as long as the button is held, it will go back the other way when you release the button.

thanks. i’ll be working on the autonomous code now…i’ll post the code when it’s done…