NI LabVIEW Examples?

Can anyone give me examples using NI LabVIEW?
I just want to know how it works, it can be anything


There is a whole panel that does that. When you first open LabView at the bottom right hand corner there is a button that says Find FRC Examples.
Its a gold mine and pretty much has everything you’ll need. Otherwise if you still need something search for it here SEARCH BEFORE YOU POST. If you find nothing then post your problem.

I got Find Examples but I cant find Find FRC Examples… why is that? did I forget something to do like before…?

The FRC Mastery site has a lot of relevant videos.

thank you so much :slight_smile:

It means that after you installed LabVIEW from the DVD in the kit, you didn’t install the LabVIEW update.

oh that makes sense…