NI Product Registration Error

So another issue from the rookie team RoboTigers 7892. When trying to image the RoboRIO, we went through the update download, and when trying to go through the register process to get the RIO to work, the product’s won’t register, so now we don’t know what to do. Can anyone possibly help us?

You shouldn’t need to go through that process to reimage the RoboRIO - I believe product registration is mostly for LabView and its tools. Have you tried just searching for the imaging tool?

Well when looking at first inspires it says to image the rio, and so we went through the process since it wouldn’t work w/o imaging. But we can’t get the products to register. No we haven’t searched for imaging tools, but first inspires say’s to go through the update process to imagine, so like?

Where in the registration process are you stuck? Are you trying to enter codes, and are there any error messages there?

We’re on the NI Registration Wizard, and we’re on the NI Product Registration part. Both the roboRIO & NI roboRIO say Unregistered. But, when we try to register the products it won’t work.

Is the wizard giving you any instructions?

I ended up just giving up, did some magic, and now its imaging.

Like I mentioned, the registration thing is just for LabView software, so imaging doesn’t need any of that. You might have to go back later if your team plans on coding with LabView.

@RoboTigers7892, I agree with @FalseLogic. You should not have problems if you do not register your products using that wizard.