NI Real Time Target Support Locked

Hi, I had just built and tried to deploy the code. When the LabView tries to deploy, it says that the Real Time application has not been built. I then find that the NI Real Time Target Support.lvlib has been locked, and I didn’t do anything with it before. I wonder if that is why the Real Time application has not been built. Anyone have the same problem?

Is this a project that you created as a New “FRC cRIO Robot Project” in LabVIEW, or did you copy it from somewhere else?

How are you building it? How are you trying to deploy it?

A cRIO can become locked if you abruptly loose connection to it. A library will become locked if it is open in two projects at the same time. (Remedy = closing all but the desired project. Sometimes this requires shutting down LabVIEW.)

If you wish to only run your code, you can simply press the run button on the “robot” If you wish to deploy it, then it must be built before deploying. The build, then deploy process is manually repeated for every program change and update. (This is why most people simply press the run button during testing, and deploying only when needed.) This process only takes a few moments.

I hope this helps with your problem.

I opended a new project and programmed on another computer, but I have also opened a new project on classmate. I copied the code from my computer to the classmate (C:/Users/Developer/My Documents/LabView Data/2012 Robot Project). For building, I right-clicked on Build Specifications and selected “Build All”. After it says that the build is complete, I right-click on FRC Robot Boot-up Deployment and selected “Deploy” just like I did last year.

“Deploy” is usually not the appropriate command. Instead, choose “Run as startup”. If you checked the “always run deployed code” option when you imaged the cRIO, a simple “Deploy” can work, but it’s best to be explicit about what you want.

If you created the project on a different computer or in a different directory from where it is now, you might have to fix the Build Specifications to correct a directory link that now points to the wrong places. Right-click on the FRC Robot Boot-up Deployment and choose Properties, then go through the categories to make sure all of the folder names match the location of the project. Check specifically the “Local destination directory” in the Information category.

Thank you very much! The location did not match. After I changed it, the problem is gone. However, when I choose “Run as startup”, it says “failed to connect to Real-Time target”.

In the Project Explorer, there should be an IP address in parentheses after the “RT CompactRIO Target”. For your team’s cRIO, is the proper address. If it isn’t correct, right-click the wrong value and choose Properties. The “IP Address / DNS Name” field is in the General category. Fix the address and click OK.

(If the address was 10.xx.yy.2, it’s because it wan’t set properly when you created the project.)

The IP address is correct. Is there any way that it will fail to connect to the real time target?

The “real time target” is the cRIO. You won’t be able to connect if the cRIO is not turned on, if it is not on the same network as the host computer you’re trying to connect from, if the network addresses are not compatible, or if it hasn’t been formatted with the proper image.