NI releasing/designing new controller for FRC

They announced this during opening ceremonies(apparently…I’m watching without sound and going by tweets I’ve seen).

The reveal will be streamed August 8th at

During the Opening ceremonies of Championship, they announced that the specs for the 2015-2019 control system will be announced August 8th around 830 AM Central from the NI conference in Austin, TX.

I’m excited to hear that much of the code and knowledge will translate to the new system, and that it will be smaller and lighter than the cRio.

That is my Birthday!
I will be 15 on August 8th

It seems from this article that NI has won the RFP given that the controller will be used in 2015.

Here is the press release

And, Hsu, adds, it’s also “super rugged.” That’s because one thing NI learned watching the FIRST teams using its controller is that, as Hsu puts, “Kids will do anything to it.” The controller gets dropped onto the hard floor; tiny metal shavings get into its modules; some teams have even left it in the rain. Athena is designed to better handle this abuse.

Can’t wait to see a swarf and water proof robot controller :rolleyes:

Ah, but how will the students learn to think about actions without blowing up a Sidecar or two?

They can still wire the speed controllers backwards ::ouch::

Looks like we are keeping labview, but a different controller. At least that what it looks like from a mechanical guys standpoint…

Hopefully it’s smaller. The crio+sidecar combo take up more space than is necessary considering the size of the fpga part of the crio.

Wonder if other non-LV languages will still be possible on the new controller

I’m sure C++ probably will be, Java I’m not so sure of.

In one of the press releases they say it will be compatible with C++ and java

Looking for a water game perhaps?

I can say for certain that the FRC community had a lot of input into the RFP. The conclusion is that it will be even more awesome than the C-Rio.

My hunch is that the new controller will be a new product in the Rio line. It should be awesome, can’t wait to see it!

I am somewhat sad that it’s NI though. I would have liked to see a control system that is more non-labview friendly, and I would have liked to see what IFI (and other companies) would have come up with. Maybe it’s still something that they will launch in the future as hobbyist tools…

I am unsure why you would want to exclude a language that nearly half the first teams use. How do you know that IFI didn’t submit a proposal?

I doubt that many (half of the) teams use labview. I don’t want to start a fight about that here. My point was that I’d like for labview to be an option (like Java or C++), and not something that is heavily stressed because the control system is NI.

Also, I think I worded the second part of my comment badly. Here goes: I really want to see what IFI and other companies came up with. Some of them may not ever release what their idea was because they got turned down for this contract: that would be a shame.

And, can’t wait to see what this partnership with Cross the Road brings. CAN Talons please? :ahh:

Actually, more then 50% of teams use LabVIEW. FIRST keeps track.

NOOOOO, just as I was fully learning the potential of the crio… just kidding, really excited to see what’s in store for the future!

I talked to the guys at the Cross the Road Electronics booth today. I can confirm that they are planning on having two versions of the Talon in the future: a pwm version and a CAN version.

I also took pictures of the informational posters they had out about the new control system (what they were allowed to say about it at least).
Control System Overview:
Power Distribution:
New things:

I can try to elaborate more if someone asks for particular information.