NI seminar?

I wasn’t sure whether this best fit the NI Control System forum of the NI LabVIEW forum; I apologize if it’s misplaced.

I ran across the “Introduction to LabVIEW and Computer-Based Measurements Hands-On Seminar” in my area on NI’s website.

To anyone who’s attended such a seminar in the past, or who’s otherwise qualified to speak about it (e.g. an NI employee): would this be a good introduction to prepare me for working with LabVIEW next year (whether it be on the robot itself or only on a dashboard)? I’ve toyed with LabVIEW a few times but haven’t had the chance to do anything serious.

Also, would my and/or my fellow team members’ attendance be appropriate (i.e. are high schoolers welcome at such an event)?


The “Introduction to LabVIEW and Computer-Based Measurements Hands-On Seminar” is just a real simple tutorial and intro to Labview. Since you are a programmer, I would suggest you take the Labview basics I&II training courses. You can take theses online or a NI training center.

Just FYI, there are also LabVIEW Intermediate I&II, LabVIEW Real-Time Application Development, LabVIEW Machine Vision and Image Processing Courses all of these would be a benefit to you if you were really interested in learning labview and the cRIO.

Just remember that Labview is different, but once you get used to dataflow programming, it i will grow on you a lot. It all really about seat time

That makes sense, thank you.