NI Vision Assistant missing features

We are trying to integrate vision to track the peg as an off-season project. We would like to create a script using NI Vision Assistant. We are following a youtube series from Jim Chastain. Our problem is that the options he is using in NI Vision Assistant are not showing up in our program. We are missing several Machine Vision Functions. We would really like to use Pattern and Geometric Matching, but these are not options given. Anybody know why?

The same thing happened to me, what I did was close NI vision assistant and re-enter, I do not know why all the options do not appear, but reopen it worked

Did you look at the examples that are provided? They show you exactly what you need to do with little or no development. If you go to the example files there are vision examples for the last few years games. They are a great way to start.

I reinstalled Labview and installed the FTC updates, but we still aren’t getting the full set of features in NI Vision Assistant. I did the exact install on another computer and we do get a full set of features. Weird? Anything about our programming computers settings?

We did think of using the example code, but we think the Vision Assistant may be easier to learn and implement in the future, so we still want to get it working.