Ni Vision Help???

Hello every one a mentor and i have been having major issues with the c code generated by the NI vision software to run our target tracking. we have edited the code so many times and taken it apart and dissected it looked it over and we have spent the past few days on this with no luck has any one else had issues or luck with this thanks every one for your help in advance.

I don’t know that we can be of much help without seeing the code. The NI Vision Assistant is a general tool used in industry to create prototype code. It should work, but definitely doesn’t contain the camera specific code and won’t contain some of the math for scoring particles (or whatever you are using the differentiate the particles).

Greg McKaskle

thanks for and i will talk to my mentor tomorrow about posting the code.

Are you compiling the generated code as a c or cpp file. By default the code generator outputs a c file, and I had some nasty issues trying to compile it as such.

I changed the extension to .cpp to compile it in C++, after that the majority of the errors cleared up, and there were just a few casting issues to resolve. This post has a bit more detail about what I did:

Hope this helps, I’m still having issues getting this fully working, but getting closer :slight_smile:

thanks for the response i will have to mention the .cpp to my mentor thanks for the reply i will let you know if it worked

How are you getting the C code out of the Vision program? When I try to create the code it says

This feature is disabled in the evaluation mode, please purchase the product.

It tells me I am using an invalid serial number when I enter the number used to validate the other NI software.


we had a hard time exporting it to labview from the vision assistant as well, it either gave us the eval version error, or just brought labview to the foreground, and didn’t actually create any VIs.

However, each ‘step’ in the Vision assitant you create, matches up with a VI from the vision palletes, so we just made the sequence ourselves, with the values we discovered using the vision assistant.

I’m not well versed in how the licensing works, but you should try calling national instruments (I’ve heard they are quite helpful); as they should be able to get you a new license key if you have a bad one.