NI Vision Live Stream Camera 2017 Issue

We are a java team that is having trouble with getting a live stream going with NI Vision. The code that worked last year for a live stream is no longer working and the new Intermediate Vision example project . I have already downloaded the NI Vision libraries so I know that isn’t the problem. How do I get a live stream from the camera on my robot working this year?

We highly recommend using the new opencv and cscore based camera server. The ni library camera streamer is no longer supported by default by either of the dashboards. They both use the new cameraserver class that is now in wpilib.

Do you know how to get the dashboards setup for NI Vision?

With LabVIEW, you would have to find the old code and rebuild it. All capabilities to work with the old Java based NI Vision streams have been removed. For SmartDashboard, the repo with the old library is here.

Note however the NI Vision libraries will most likely not be maintained in the future, and we might not provide builds after 2017.