Ni Web Based Configuration Not Showing CAN Talons

I’m programmer for 2523, and I’m trying to get the NI Web based config up and running now that our electronics board is put together, so as to configure the CAN Talons we are using for our drive train. After updating the firmware on both the wireless access and the RoboRIO, I was able to access the configuration menu via roboRIO-2523-FRC.local, but the roboRIO is the only thing that shows up. The CAN talons do not, and the driver station does not even register any communication with the RIO. Also, the COMM light on the RIO does not turn on at all. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this, or at least whether it’s a hardware or software issue?

Side Note: This is my first post on here, so let me know if this is in the wrong place.

There are three things:

  • updating roboRIO firmware (not necessary if it’s at 3.0.0) The version is listed on the roboRIO web interface.
  • formatting the roboRIO (puts the operating system onto the roboRIO-has the web interface)
  • Downloading user code

Did you install the 3rd party CAN Talon Toolsuite, too?
The CTRE LifeBoat utility also has a tab to update the CTRE products on the roboRIO.

Some trouble shooting tips:

  • Check if the can wire is properly seated by giving it light tugs
  • make sure that the green can wire is plugged into the “green” slot and same for yellow
  • Make sure that your can loop is succesfully terminating with the PDP (or a custom resistor) on the end
  • Compltley reformat and reflash your roborio with the 2017 firmware with the 2017 roborio formatter.
  • make sure you dont have a short somewhere along the loop. (the other day i was teaching some of my freshman how to wire motors, and they stripped some of the can wire on the SRX’s, and forgot to put heatshrink on the exposed wore, so the exposed “green” wire and the exposed “yellow” wire were touching
  • Also a potentialy problem might be that the CAN Id’s are “messed up” I don’t think thats the case here, because you see nothing else but the roborio. But for example if you have multiple talon srx’s connected to the can loop, but the roborio only shows 1 srx, that means that all the srxs were assigned the same device id. to fix that, you just set a compltley random number for the device id of the talon you see, and then refresh, and suddenly you will see a second talon popup with the same device id as the other talon had previously. Repeat steps if there are more can devices like that.