NiCad Battery for decorative use?

Is it legal to use any extra NiCad backup batteries to power decorative lights in the console case?

No, anything on the OI side has to be powered by the OI, except the Chicklets.

Don’t connect them to the OI through the joystick ports. If it doesn’t connect to a joystick port, it’s not covered by the no-external-power rule (e.g. laptops attached to the dashboard port have batteries).

And it should go without saying that you don’t want to install large green lights in places where robots can see them.

yes, you can have things powered like decorations or computers by batteries.

Note, I don’t think lighted consoles are a good idea. The drivers have enough sensory input without adding other distractions. Also carrying around heavy consoles can be a real drag after a long day of competition.

THe decorations werent gonna be connected to the joystick ports or anything but okay I understand the point. Anyways on the heavy aspect i’m gonna be the operator and it isnt as heavy as we thought it would be so weight isnt really an issue. Thanks for the replies!

‘Power Passive’…

Say I have a bunch of 12V devices on my OI… And going between the device and ground I have a little 5V $2.79 RadioShack relay. Can I use the output pins on Port 3 to allow power though to the 12V devices? No (Very, very, very, very little) power is being consumed, the relays are simply getting a signal to allow power through.

Is this legal?

That doesn’t sound legal. The external 12 V is connected to whatever load you’ve got, and the relay is connected to the joystick port and the 12 V supply (though one feeds the coil and the other is switched).

No. There are two relevant postings on FIRST’s Q&A forum.

See this one and this one.

If they won’t allow an opto-coupler, they aren’t going to allow a relay.