Nice Looking Bumpers?

One day teams will unironically use LED panels that change color based on alliance instead of fabric.

We’ll call them iBumpers and they won’t have any notches.


No, never. We’re piloting the screws to prevent cracking around them, but otherwise it’s just glue and wood screws at the corners. Between the two, we’ve never had a problem with cracking or loosening.

Can you link to where you purchased yours?


Team 3807, Overland BlazerBots ( developed really good looking reversible bumper with the horizontal seam for C-shaped bumpers like the one in this video. The horizontal seam reduces the risk of having a long tail of bumper fabric if the fastener gets pulled loose in a rough match. The corner pockets at the ends of this design look like they do a good job of reducing this risk as well.

Tailors Chalk ( is another great way to quickly mark fabric. Often it is easier to see than Sharpe marker lines.

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Pretty sure 3476 in 2012 was the first team I saw that used the vertical seam style reversible bumpers that we have now been using since 2014

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We’ll respectfully decline to answer at this time.

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2714 gets it’s noodles from a variety of sources: Walgreens, HD, Lowe’s, Walmart and various Dollar stores. End of summer is the best time to get them, as stores are starting to clear them out. Measure before you buy. Some noodles are as small as 2 1/8 and as large as 3" in diameter. Anything less than $1 per noodle is a great deal. We also get our ballistic nylon from seattlefabrics (traveler nylon). I think rockywoods has it as well.

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But that’s $10 for 6…

And also the wrong size.

Dollar Tree ( does sell Swim Noodles. You can’t always find them when searching their site. They are only available during the summer. We found that shipping from AndyMark was quite expensive. Dollar Tree allowed us to order in bulk and pick up at a local store for no additional cost. They have the same technical specifications as the AndyMark noodles.

Ballistic nylon and Cordura are available from a number of retailers. Our local fabric store does opportunity buying to keep prices down, so I can’t count on them to always have what I need in stock. In addition to AndyMark and RoboPromo, you can get materials from Rockywoods Outdoor Fabric (

Feiner Supply ( is a great place to buy hook and loop fastener in bulk. They do have a $50 minimum order. For 1” sew-on tape, you can get a lot of hook and loop fastener for $50.

pancakes look nice


How do you go from this step:

To this step?

In the first image it appears the fold is on top of the corner, whereas in the second one it looks like the fold is over the edges.


I believe you invert the fabric in that area (tuck the flap under itself if that makes sense).

I actually asked @Torrance this same question.

I dont see how you went from


with just a 45 angle cut.

His reply:

Good catch. I did not picture how to do the fold very well.

Once you cut the flap into two flaps with scissors or an exacto, you need to fold one of the smaller flaps over the top of the wood, towards the corner, to result in the fold you see in the finished picture.

In the picture of the student holding the flaps, imaging that student held the bottom right corner of the lower flap as they are currently doing and then move it to the top right corner of the other flap where their other hand is. They’d be folding the flap over the wood, with the lower visible staple kind of acting as the fulcum at the pivot point of this fold. When you do that you end up with a nice crease that runs from the noodle corner parallel to one of the pieces of wood over the corner of the wood connection and down onto the wood face where you can staple it.

My follow up:

After the cut, fold in like the red arrows. The yellow edges become the green edges. But what happens to the 2 staples? Just fold over them?


Yes. The stapled get covered by the flaps and so aren’t visible. After the folding, the flaps need to be stapled to the vertical inner surface of the wood.

118 goes over it in their everybot build:

We have always made 2 sets of bumpers (at least)


Where did you get the numbers with the special font and color?

We created the stencil ourselves from one version of our logo and hand paint them on the bumpers. It’s time-consuming but looks nice in the end.

We have been doing reversible for many years. Once we pass inspection, they’re bolted on and they don’t come off until next comp. Heat transfer vinyl for the numbers, 1680D coated ballistic nylon fabric in red and dark navy.

I like to think they look nice.