Nice people who know EasyC needed! =]

We are a rookie team from Israel, we decided to work with EasyC because it is simpler. we have a lot of small technical problems with the program and what we need is people who fall under the following crytiries:

  1. nice people.:slight_smile:
    2 EasyPro knowlagable people.:eek:
  2. regular CheifDelphi-iers.:rolleyes:
  3. patient people. :wink:

in other words if you come in chief delphi a lot and you want to help us just reply and will PM you for further communacations.

a whole lotta thanks- The Answer Team 1690, programming crew.

Iā€™m willing to help.


If you get into trouble with your code just zip it up and upload it. We would be glad to help :slight_smile: . easyC is growing so more and more people speak the easyC.

I am also willing to help. PM me if you have any questions.