Nice, Sturdy, Robot



Hey guys, rate my robot, team worked hard. I’m looking for a score from 10 to 10. If you have any technical questions just ask me.




not powdercoated 2.54/10


Are those Neo Moters? Great integration! Can it lift other robots onto level 3?


As you can see, we’ve done an excellent job using truly brushless motors, called human hands. I can see you’re assumption about lifting, though as the bot is both cardboard and taped to the floor, I forsee problems if something like that were attempted.


I think you forgot the RSL; you’ll never pass inspection like that.


I’m sure the great minds behind that robot could figure a modification to enable buddy climb. Clearly this team isn’t screwing arround.


How much money did EGGS give to get their logo on your robot?


“Robots must be built robustly”

10/10 - very stongk, much rigidity